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The major tool for reaching the world for Messiah in these last days, the end times, is “two-pronged”: 1. Reaching the children; and, 2. Reaching Generation Y.

Reaching Generation Y is covered in The Apostles Newsletter titled “Trends, Times, and Tongues.”

In this teaching we will cover “Reaching the Children: The Josiah Model.”

Some time ago the Lord revealed to me that the major players in the end-time harvest will be BOTH the eight (8) year olds living today (this was the exact age of Josiah when he was anointed king over Judah) and the eight year olds living in the future.

“Josiah was eight years old when he became king, and he reigned thirty-one years in Jerusalem.”
[2 Chronicles 34:1]

Many eight-year-old children today are saved, filled with the Holy Spirit, and know more about their authority in Christ than many people who have been saved for years. The Holy Spirit is NOT a respecter of persons . . . He will invade the earth and shake kingdoms through the faith, the boldness, and the prayers of an eight-year-old as well as through any [older] saint of God.

In my research of militant church history, I discovered that through centuries of awakenings and Spirit invasions God has been pleased at times to use children. You have NOT seen anything yet. Believe me! The Spirit of God is going to CONFOUND the governments, the armies, the halls of justice, and the religious leaders through holy anointings upon holy children: vessels manifesting God’s power in these last days! God will use children to manifest MIRACLES … real miracles!

In a passage of scripture dealing with the last days [Revelation 9:21], we are informed that people will not repent of their:



Sexual immorality, and


These four activities will be not only common, but also rampant, in the last days. Look at much of the culture media today: movies, TV, video, gangsta rap, hip hop, and even comedy. The point I am trying to make is that young people are inundated with models of an egregious lifestyle. This is a major factor as to why these activities will be prevalent in the last days.

The word for “sorceries” in this passage is the Greek word “pharmakeia.” The words pharmacy and pharmacist derive from the same root as pharmakeia, which generally describes the use of medicine, drugs, or spells. The word was also used as sorcery accompanied by drugs, incantations, charms, and magic: basically witchcraft in association with drugs or narcotics.

The best defense is a good offense. Therefore, by taking the Good News of Messiah Yeshua into the culture(s) we can impact society, especially when we portray the END RESULTS of the activities described above WITH the hope and deliverance that are available in Jesus Christ. Do NOT discount the use of comics and cartoons for such an strategy. If you will research the demographics of comics, animation, and Japanese manga you will see a huge readership among many cultures that extends into the business and professional world. We as Christians should be impacting culture with the message of the purpose of the cross of Christ (WHY Yeshua came to earth to pay for our sins) and the Good News!

Many of you reading this newsletter are involved in communications, the media, print publishing, or the graphic arts. Open up your vision . . . and then focus on the opportunities. Go to conventions like Comic-Con International and establish your target goals. The world is waiting!

We need NEW “Josiahs” TODAY!

The “Greatest Outreach” is to young people, especially those 15 years and younger. If you reach the segment of society age 15 and under, you reach:

• The mass of the population (50% of the population in third-world countries is age 15 and younger).

• The next generation (and the future leaders).

• Those who have a whole lifetime of service for the Lord!

Pray and ask God to show you WHAT he wants you to do, and HOW to involve yourself in “The Greatest Outreach.”

In another passage of scripture dealing with the last days, we see that God wants to reach the people groups of the world, the tribes, the language cultures, and the different ethnic groups with the Good News. What better way to reach these groups with permanence than by reaching the children. Even those who aren’t saved now will still have the Word of God in them which the Holy Spirit can use in the future.

There are many ways to reach children, but one of the easiest, least expensive, and most portable ways is by means of the “Wordless Book.” No expensive manufacture is necessary: all you need is five sheets or pieces of different colored paper: red, black, white, gold (yellow), and green. It can be used with an individual . . . or to great crowds.

Everyone can learn how to know God, from children to adults, by using the wordless books. They are economical (costing almost nothing), as they can be reproduced from “makeshift” at-hand materials. They are extremely effective for people who are illiterate and/or those with limited reading skills.

The wordless books are also excellent for children whether they can read or not; they love the graphic colors and remember them. And, they are easy to teach those you’re teaching to use the “Wordless Books” to go teach others!

One pastor in Africa with whom we partnered for more than 20 years, and who started more than 100 churches, told us: “All our Sunday schools have doubled using the “Wordless Books.”

[] [] [] [] []

How to Use the “Wordless Books.” (NOTE: The instructions below may be translated into any language to show people how to reach their own ethnic or people groups.)

There are NO written words to this presentation. It may be used in any language group of the world. It is effective in reaching adults, as well as children. All you need are five (5) different colors of paper; use whatever size you want depending upon the size of the crowd (so each person can see). You may use whatever colors you want; however, the following seem to work the best:

• Black

• Red

• White

• Gold (yellow)

• Green

Below are the instructions for using the colors. Print them out from your computer so you can teach others how to use them.

[] [] [] [] []

• Black is for SIN

• Red is for the BLOOD of Christ

• White is for PURITY

• Gold (yellow) is for HEAVEN

• Green is for GROWTH

[] [] [] [] []

BLACK – Describe how beautiful the garden of Eden was. Tell how wonderful creation was and how God blessed Adam and Eve with close fellowship with God. Tell how Adam and Eve sinned by disobeying God. Explain that we are born in sin through the bloodline of Adam, the first man. Sin separates us from God and his power, love, and health.

RED – God had a plan. He sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to earth to heal the separation between God and people. Just as one man (Adam) brought sin into the world, so one man (Jesus Christ) came into the world to put away sin. Jesus died on the cross to PAY for our sins. He took our punishment so we do not have to be separated from God. The RED blood of Christ washed our sins away.

WHITE – The blood of Christ, which was shed on the cross to pay for our sins … and the sins of the world … washes us clean: whiter than white! All we have to do is REPENT (turn away from our sins), BELIEVE (trust that Christ died in our place … for our sins), and RECEIVE (ask Jesus into our lives to be our leader and Lord).

GOLD (yellow) – The Holy Bible, which is God’s Word to man, tells us that in Heaven the streets are made of gold. Heaven is a wonderful place, full of love, beauty, and the glory of God. When we repent, believe, and receive Christ, God becomes our Father. When we die, we get to go to Heaven and live with Him and Jesus forever!

GREEN – We not only get to go to Heaven when we die, but we get to walk closely with our Father God every day here on earth while we live down here before we die. After Jesus died on the cross to pay for our sins, God raised him from the dead. Jesus is alive and he will help you GROW up and be strong for God. Read the Holy Bible, pray, tell others about Jesus, and ask God to fill you with the Holy Spirit every day!

NOTE: One time while teaching a seminar, a co-worker was teaching others how to use the wordless book. A group of young children had received Christ while listening to the instructions, and when our instructor was sharing on the “GREEN” color (the Spirit-filled life) almost all the children started speaking in another language!

[] [] [] [] []

Another way to reach children is through prayer. Have you ever heard someone say, “I wonder who was praying for me” . . . or, “Someone must have been praying for me!”?

Many people who are new Christians grew up in ungodly homes . . . some in witchcraft . . . and some in pagan religions. Yet they are now serving God. They don’t remember HOW, but at a certain point in their lives a Gospel witness came to them, and at a key time in their lives they developed a DESIRE to know the true and living God.

Someone was praying for them!

As the Lord leads you, select a child to PRAY for . . . one that you will commit before the Lord to pray for at least 10 years . . . and maybe for the rest of your life.

You do not have to tell them you are praying for them unless you want to. It may be a child you know or someone you don’t know! Maybe it’s a child you have heard about or read about in the newspaper . . . maybe a child or teenager in trouble.

Pray for them in addition to your prayers for your own family or children, and then ASK God for two (2) things:

To lay your children or family on someone else’s heart for prayer; and,

To give you a great harvest blessing in your children or family as a reward for your prayer-sowing in the life of the child(ren) you have adopted for prayer.


By reaching the children under age 15 you will be reaching:

• The mass of the populace;

• The next generation and future leaders; and,

• Those who have a lifetime of service for the Lord.

The major players in the end-time harvest will be BOTH the children living today and the children living in the future.

Through centuries of awakenings and Spirit invasions, God has been pleased at times to use children.

By taking the gospel into the culture(s) you can impact society, especially children.

Also, anyone . . . anywhere . . . can reach children, and at the same time invoke a holy awakening in their community . . . and among the ethnic, tribal, language, and cultural groups of the world . . . through: 1) the “Wordless Book”; and / or 2) prayer.

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APOSTLE TALK  –  Future News Now!
with Prince Handley



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The other day I was reading some ministry results of a wonderful brother in Messiah. My first thought was, “God is using him so mightily . . . he is reaching so many people for Messiah!” And . . . he has NO synagogue or church support.

Like most of us in God’s work, he was one of the most unlikely prospects for God to use. Like you, and like me, people never guessed he would one day become a believer in Yeshua! When I reflected upon how God is using him, I thought, “What a great reward he will have in Heaven!”

I thought, “God, he is doing so much for You.” After a while the Lord prompted me, and The Holy Spirit reminded me that I was blessed to have part in his Christian growth; and to help disciple him to become a powerful follower of Yeshua. He took our Free Bible Studies course and we corresponded and communicated at times.

That is exactly what I shared in The Apostles Newsletter a few weeks ago: the disciples you teach should be used more greatly than you are. They should be disciples of MESSIAH and NOT disciples of men … IF you are doing your job right.

At the University of Excellence, of which I am President and Regent, we study five (5) secrets of military strategy for the accomplishment … and the continuance … of successful mission:

• Vision to reach the world for Messiah.

• Logistics and starting new synagogues and churches.

• Anointing of multiplication.

• Mission parameters.

• Resurrection and a new vision


I want to teach you something that will help you win the world for Christ!

If you could win 1,000 people to Messiah every day
, how long do you think it would take to evangelize the whole world? At this time, the population of the world is about six (6) billion people. It would take you 16,427 years to reach every person (even at 1,000 every day!).

However, if you would lead only one person each year to Christ, and would really train them, here’s what would happen:

At the end of one year there would be two of you to take the “Good News” to others. If each of you would lead one person to Christ that next year, there would be four of you at the end of the second year to go tell the “Good News”. At this rate, it would only take you a little over 32 years to reach the rest of the world! (Even if the population increases to 8.5 billion, it would take only one extra year, or 33 years.)

This is why Jesus said, “Go, then to all peoples of the world and make them my disciples: baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and teach them to obey everything I have commanded you. And remember! I will be with you always, to the end of the age.”

Now, here’s how to train a disciple: Ask God to lead you to someone who really wants to grow in the Lord (it may be someone you lead to Christ or someone who already knows Jesus.) Take them “under your wing” (like a bird does her babies) and pour your life, as well as the Word of God, into them.

You will have to “live” the life you are teaching about. Take them preaching on the streets or witnessing at the market with you. Teach them how to lead others to Christ, and to baptize them in water. Their training may last from one week, or until Jesus comes back!

Sometimes you may want to train more than one person at a time. However, never get so busy that you do not have time to spend with each person privately. When a person you are training starts training others for Christ (it may be the first week), then spend some time for “feedback”. That is, let that person discuss with you about the people they are training: get “feedback” about progress or problems, and try to answer their questions. Pray with them!

Be sure to tell the people you are teaching that Jesus said, “The field is the world!” Not just their village or city: but every nation, tribe, tongue, and dialect. Pray that God will send out workers to the nations … and be willing to go yourself. Teach them to do the same.

Obtain a map of the world (and of your country). Lay your hands on the different countries and cities and pray for them. Ask God:

To pour out the Holy Spirit on them;

To send out Christian workers to them; and,

To raise up “Spirit-filled” churches in them and all over the world.

While praying for cities and nations, always “bind” the devil and his demons and cast them out in Jesus’ name. Then, “loose” the Holy Spirit into the cities and nations! Jesus said, “Teach them to obey everything I have commanded you.” This includes his teaching about love, repentance, healing, forgiveness, casting out demons, prayer, baptism in the Holy Spirit, and our “one-ness” with other believers in Jesus.

Some of the people you train may be from other countries (students or visitors). Or, some of those you train may someday go to other countries to study, tour, or work. They will then be able to preach the Gospel there. This is another way you will be reaching nations!

Finally, teach the ones you are training to teach the people they teach “to teach others.” (Notice the four groups, or “families,” of disciples in 2 Timothy 2:2.) The first family is YOU: you are a disciple, or a “follower,” of Christ. The next family is the person you are teaching to be a “follower” of Christ. Notice something very important: the four families are NOT your disciples, they are Christ’s!

Read this message again, and again, and again. There are “seven keys” to help YOU win the world for Christ!


The provision and supply necessary for ongoing ministry growth will come about as new synagogues and churches are raised up. After the process of true biblical discipleship – making disciples of Messiah and NOT of men – is established, along with a vision of reaching the world for Messiah, the next step is to establish synagogues or churches. The people, the money, the resources for current and subsequent ministry to the community and the world will emanate from the local synagogues or churches established. Tithes and offerings will help in material and financial support. Each leader must be honest and ethical in their allocation of resources, and thereby be an example for those to whom they serve.

There are basically three (3) ways to start synagogues and churches:

1. Start cell groups, OR house churches;

2. Visit neighborhoods;

3. Hold public miracle and healing meetings.


Start cell groups, or home Bible studies, from an existing church. They will then be centers in each neighborhood or community for people to come for Bible study and prayer, and from which new churches can be raised up.


Visit the surrounding neighborhood
. This is the probably the most effective and can also be used in conjunction with a cell group. Get people interested in the vision God has given you. Meet together for prayer, fellowship, and Bible study.

Win souls in the neighborhood or local community where you will have your synagogue or church – START there first! Visit and pray for the sick. Baptize converts and then TRAIN them:

• To win others.

• To study the Scriptures.

• To fast and pray.

• To tithe and give offerings.

• To follow the principles described above in “Vision To reach the World for Christ.”

Impart a vision of the world. Teach them to enjoy Messiah Jesus and their work with Him!!!

Pray daily for God to:

• Open the hearts of people;

• Pour out His Spirit upon the area where you are (or will be)working for Him; and,

• Lead you to people who are seeking for God and His salvation.

Look for needs to meet:

• In people;

• In the community; and,

• In the government.

Go door-to-door within a reasonable distance of the synagogue or church you’re starting and ask people if there is anything for which they would like you to pray. Tell them you’re meeting in about an hour at a certain location (give them the address). Go back in a week and follow up on them. Note: they may also have sick people in the house that they want you to pray for.

Tell people: “If you can find 10 other families who want to start a church, then organize a meeting in your home (or one of their homes) and invite these other 10 families. I will then come and tell them about the church we’re starting. At the same time, we will minister to the people’s needs, if they desire. Expect miracles!”


Never go to be a new head rabbi at a synagogue or pastor a church that someone else started unless the people at large give you complete control before you start. You will just be taking over someone else’s problems! Also, when miracles start the previous leaders will become jealous. Start NEW WORKS where the anointing is honored and God can get the glory!!


Here’s a testimony from a Pastor and General Overseer who followed the instruction described above for starting new churches. “The lessons and the questions are the best I have had in my life, especially since I started preaching the Gospel under the power of the Holy Spirit. Please help me to learn more and be a better worker for the Lord. With the lesson well studied, God has started blessing the work here. Prayer cells have sprung up in all places. God is adding souls to His kingdom.” [Bishop Harrison]

Do diligence to follow the steps in this lesson like Bishop Harrison and God will do MIRACLES for you!


There is probably no more effective way to start a new synagogue or church, especially in unevangelized areas, than by means of public meetings: both indoors and outdoors. Here is a proven and successful format for holding such meetings:

1. Start each meeting with 30 minutes of singing and “selected” testimony.

2. Preach 20 to 40 minutes.

3. Begin message by announcing: “We are going to pray in a few minutes and God is going to heal the sick.”

4. During the message, tell the people WHO Jesus is and WHAT He did. Tell them:

“I wouldn’t ask you to believe in a dead god! Jesus Christ is ALIVE!”

“Since Jesus is alive, He will do what He did when He lived on earth before!”

“If He does – and heals you – will you serve Him the rest of your life?”

(Before you pray) “If Jesus heals you, how many will come up and tell of it?”

5. After the message, pray for the sick to be healed. Do NOT go out into the crowd and do NOT pray for individuals at this time, but pray for the crowd “as a whole” from the place where you have been preaching. (Let God do His work!)

6. (During prayer) Tell the people, “Now, begin to praise God for healing you.”

7. (After prayer) Tell the people, “Now do what you couldn’t do before.”

8. Ask for those who have been healed to come and testify. Make sure you have workers who are trained to examine testimonies.

Eliminate those testimonies which aren’t for real or don’t glorify Christ. Train the workers to bring to the front at once ONLY miracles of healing. Also, make sure you have workers who are trained in crowd control.

Don’t let the devil bring confusion to your meeting at this point.


A) The first day of the meeting let God heal a few. Then go out to the neighborhood or villages and tell them what God has been doing; invite them into the meetings.

B) The second day of the meetings, and thereafter, pray for specific cases, such as the deaf and blind, as God leads. You may want certain cases to come to the platform for prayer (where you are ministering). This way the crowd can see the miracles. Do ONLY what the Spirit says and finish when He tells you to!

C) Always meet with your workers before the meeting. Review the previous days meeting and pray for the current one. Ask God for the anointing of the Holy Spirit and pray for unity.

D) Establish a synagogue or church from the new believers (baptize them). Make plans to teach them regularly and to train them.


Read and study “Health and Healing” (Parts 1 through 5) in the Archives of The Apostles Newsletter (September 15 through September 29, 2002). Also, read and memorize “How To Be Healed” in the Archives (June 28, 2002).

For a sample healing message to preach, go to: http://www.realmiracles.com/healmessage.htm


Lay hands on and pray over EVERYTHING and EVERYONE you send out or produce: ministers and workers; DVD’s, literature; podcasts, social media postings (MySpace, Twittter, etc.), YouTube videos, films; mp3 files; websites, prayer cloths. Ask God to put His power on them. Ask God for the “apostolic power of Christ” to invade the earth through them. Pray for MIRACLES to magnify Christ.

Pray for people to be saved, healed, delivered, baptized in the Spirit, prospered, and sent out to do the work of Messiah Yeshua. Ask God to raise up a great Holy Spirit synagogue or church in every village and neighborhood of the earth … and a great Holy Spirit witness in every house, home, or family of the earth through the WORK and the PEOPLE you send out! Believe!!

Thirty (30) years ago I asked God for a confirmation about a piece of literature I had written and was to be sending out. It was Lesson Four, “How To Receive the Power of God” in the Free Bible Studies course. I wanted God to show me if I should include this lesson in the series and I received three (3) confirmations within about one week.

The very first person who received that lesson was baptized in the Holy Spirit the day they received it in the mail. Then a Jew wrote from New York and said, “You wouldn’t believe what came out of my mouth when Jesus baptized me in the Holy Spirit” (as a result of the lesson). Thirdly, another man wrote saying that as soon as he took his lesson out of the envelope he read one sentence and was knocked down by a strange force and another language came out of his mouth.

“Believe! All things are possible to him that believes.”
[Mark 9:23]

If you are not available to lay hands on the materials – or the people – then commission others to do it. Lay your hands on them and pray over them so the apostolic power of Christ will flow through them. At times, when I have not been able to be present for an ordination service in a distant place, God would instruct me to send a prayer cloth over which I had prayed, and to have the prayer cloth laid on the minister.

If the Holy Spirit can supply the resurrection power of Christ to heal in this manner (Acts 19:11-12), then He surely can impart the gifts of the Spirit and enablement for ministry in the same manner. These should be “special” cases, however, because the normal Scriptural pattern would be to personally lay hands on those being ordained and sent out.

Ask God for ‘an anointing of multiplication’!
The kingdom of Heaven is like leaven (or, yeast): it grows and spreads. Yeshua (Jesus) still multiplies bread, and He can multiply the work, the workers, and the Word of God!


Be led by the Spirit of God! Follow the plain teachings of Jesus. Preach and teach the simple Gospel, apart from which there is no other gospel [1 Corinthians 15:1-5]. Obey the commission of Jesus in Matthew 28 and Mark 16. Adhere to the “Apostles’ Creed”. Use the pastoral writings of Paul and Peter and John as examples for church order and discipline and obey the Word of God as revealed in the Holy Bible.

A three-fold cord is not easily broken. Buildings designed in triangulation or with three-sided segments are stronger. Jesus sent out his apostles to:

1. Preach and teach;

2. Heal; and

3. Cast out demons.

Whether you are involved in ministry to governments, to the homeless, to the military … on television or the Internet … keep your ministry “triangulated” in balance with Jesus’ authority that he gave you: to preach; to heal; and, to cast out demons!

Then you won’t have to worry about false doctrines . . . because no one can copy the works God is doing through you. The Lord will confirm the Word of God you preach with signs following . . .and people who are really seeking God will come to the TRUTH! The cults have all have at least one of the three errors (if not all three!).

The cults and false religions teach:

1. Jesus was NOT God in human flesh;

2. You can work your way to Heaven;

3. Hell is not real (or, if it is, it only lasts for a short period).

No false teaching in the world can do all three … present the Good News, heal the sick, and cast out demons!
Especially like you are doing when you’re anointed with LOVE! False teaching is usually “lop-sided” with emphasis on either of two large errors: either you’re saved by your works only; or you can sin all you want to and get away with it!

“Faith without works is dead.”
[James 2:14-26]

“For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision availeth anything, nor uncircumcision; but faith which works by love.”
[Galatians 5:6]


If you are used in creative, powerful, and productive works by God then I have a warning for you. Just about the time you put the “stamp” on your ministry and declare “Mission Accomplished” there will come a time of discouragement. It is nothing more than a demonic attack assigned by Satan to discourage you, to get you to slow down, to get you to lose excitement, to get you to think you can’t do any more great works, and to get you to quit!

Immediately after the victory for which you have fought, prayed, and believed in faith, will subtly appear one of your most dangerous attacks from the enemy. It will NOT be like the attack(s) BEFORE your conquest: to discourage you, to make you afraid, to cause loss of integrity, loss of a loved one, or loss of possessions. All of which attacks you can defeat . . . and withstand . . . by living holy and living a life of faith and trust in God.

But this attack will be so delicate or precise as to be difficult to analyze or describe. You will not be capable, without discernment from God, of making fine distinctions as to the source of the attack. It will be covert and delicately complex. There will be put in place clever and indirect means by the enemy to achieve your downfall: spiritually, socially, materially, physically, and mentally . . . in that order.

Read and prayerfully study The Apostles Newsletters titled “What to Do After the Victory” (Parts A and Part B) published September 14 and 21, 2003. Login to The Apostles Group and you will find them in the Archives.

This two-part newsletter was written to instruct you as to how to offset this kind of attack, and to guard against it; also, to augment and solidify your recent victory, and to go on to higher and more productive accomplishments.

King Solomon tells us in the Book of Ecclesiastes that a threefold cord is not easily broken. (Ecclesiastes 4:12) There are three things you can do to assure your maintenance of the victory and your own personal integrity. They are as follows:

1. Guard Against Pride

2. Monitor the Victory

3.  Plan for the Future

After your victory is the time the enemy will do his best to allure you with:

• Fame;

• Fortune;

• Lust; and,

• Deception of any kind

Don’t let your guard down! You are at your weakest point of defense right after your victory:

• Rest;

• Stay under the anointing;

• Plan, stretch out in faith; and,

• Start implementing your plans for the NEXT victory. It may be related to the harvest of your present (recent) victory.

Rest for a short period. Use this time to reflect and give thanks to God, and those people who assisted you, for the victory. Pray God’s blessing on those who assisted you!

Stay in the Word of God and prayer. Stay under the anointing. Use this period of rest to listen to God for the “skeletal” outline of your NEXT project. Receive your plans from the Spirit. Praise and thank Him in faith for the next victory!

Don’t wait for everything to be perfect before you implement your next assignment. Don’t wait until all the conditions are right before you start. Count the cost, but use faith. You can refine after you implement.

God is getting ready to use you MORE GREATLY than ever before! He has given you the “eye of the tiger” . . . you will never be taken captive by the enemy. You will be stronger and more productive for the kingdom of God. The Master will say to you: “Well done, thou good and faithful servant; enter into the joy of the Lord.”


Your friend,
Prince Handley


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In this podcast you will find hear the SECRETS of doing GREAT WORKS – unlimited works – for God. Do what I teach you and you will NOT fail. Then, give God the glory: on earth … and later in Heaven! NOTICE – These principles transfer to any endeavor: business, social, family, military, and political.



The title of this newsletter may seem oxymoronic. How can you have UNlimited goals and succeed in accomplishing them? Answer: by NOT limiting your goals. Usually the main thing people omit when establishing goals is NOT allowing for self-perpetuating growth or augmentation.

Years ago I gave three automobiles away to three different ministers of the Gospel. I had walked for three years before the Lord blessed me with the first auto I gave away; and I walked in between the time I gave the others away. I am now driving the ??th automobile (I forgot how many) that the Lord has given me. Seven of the autos were Cadillacs (the most expensive auto made in the USA) and in about half of them I had loudspeaker installations.

The Cadillacs were excellent for this setup because they had ample space between the front grille and the radiator to enable the sideways installation of a large 110 watt police horn speaker. Inside the cars were also installed amplifiers and secret (hidden) microphones. This way I could preach while driving and have both hands on my steering wheel. The sound was so loud from the loudspeaker that one time while driving down an interstate freeway, going about 70 mph, the cattle in a field a long way from the road even turned to look as I was preaching.

In large metropolitan cities I would preach while stopping at the red lights while the crowds of pedestrians would cross the street. Sometimes people would risk getting run over and hurriedly walk (almost run) through (against) the red light just to get away from God’s Word.

One time while driving through the mountains the Lord impressed me to stop the car and preach on the loudspeaker. There weren’t any people or buildings around that I could see but I obeyed anyway. I didn’t know until a few minutes later that there were men working down the mountainside building a house. I preached to them from Hebrews 3:4, “For every house is built by someone, but He who built all things is God.”

Whenever I’m home, in the morning I step out on the roof veranda and look at some of the most beautiful buildings in the world with architecturally superb designs. Amazed at their grandeur, I also reflect on all the planning, money, risk, coordination, and time that went into building them. And I always thing of that verse in Hebrews 3:4, “For every house is built by someone, but He who built all things is God.”

When I first look at the buildings, even with my engineering background, I think, “How can men build these fantastic buildings?” And then I think, “But God built ALL things … he made the men and the materials; and gave men the knowledge and skills needed to construct and finish them.”

I want to encourage you. You can do something far BIGGER than build buildings like these. You can make disciples for Messiah Yeshua and MULTIPLY your ministry / vision through many future generations.


First of all, never get so busy that you don’t have time to dream! What is that BIG work you want to do for God? You CAN DO it!

“With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” [Matthew 19:26]

“If you can believe, all things are possible to him that believes.” [Mark 9:23]

“And all things, whatever you shall ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive.” [Matthew 21:22]

“For every house is built by someone, but He who built all things is God.”
[Hebrews 3:4]

Here is one of YOUR KEYS to success:

If your plans fit into God’s plan … you will have God’s faith … and God’s faith always works!

This is one reason it is imperative to see the importance of Israel, Jerusalem, and God’s chosen people, the Jews, in the divine plan of God. For this reason, to help you, I recently wrote the newsletters “The Millennial Kingdom (Part A) and (Part B).”

“When the most High divided to the nations their inheritance, when He separated the sons of Adam, He set the bounds of the people according to the number of the children of Israel. For the Lord’s portion is His people; Jacob [Israel] is the lot of His inheritance.” [ Deuteronomy 32:8-9]

In my booklet, “How To Win the World for Christ,” you will find seven (7) keys for reaching the whole world.

Multiplication of ministry starts with the BELIEF in the potential of one person. This is where discipleship is important. K. Bruce Miller drives home this idea: “Would you spend as much time preparing yourself to meet the needs of one person as you would preparing a sermon for five thousand? How much do you believe in the potential of one?”

In my teaching on “Anointing of Multiplication” you will find how to multiply your ministry.

In the teaching “How to Start a Church” you will find a simple, effective way to start a synagogue or church in any neighborhood, city, barrio, or village.

A few years ago I prophesied to my oldest daughter, Ariel, that she would start teaching God’s Word. I bought her a new study Bible and gave it to her. About a month later she called me and told me that the Lord was having her start teaching . She and her husband and another couple started a home Bible study with about 6 to 10 people, alternating from each home. The other couple finally felt the Lord leading to start a church, and in about three years grew to 1,500 people attending. Around 400 of those attending were new Christians, having given their lives to the Lord within the previous year.


When you have a dream or vision that you want to accomplish for God, the main thing you need to decide on at the outset is that you will NOT quit … you will NOT give up!

If you don’t quit, you’ll WIN! … But if you quit, you can’t win!

Thomas Edison failed over 30,000 times before inventing the light bulb. The Bible says, “A just man falls seven times, and rises up again.” [Proverbs 24:16]

You have time, talent, and treasure with which to serve the Lord. God is watching for your faithfulness. Are you consistent in good times as well as bad? Are you BELIEVING for the accomplishment of your vision through the years when you don’t SEE fruit, production, or growth? Does your plan fit into God’s plan?

Read Luke 11:5-15. Importunity means to keep on asking; approach God with your requests as persistent and pressing.

“And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given to you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. For everyone that asks, receives; and he that seeks, finds; and to him that knocks, it shall be opened.”
[Luke 11:9-10]

Have only super BIG, positive, more-than-maximum, Unlimited goals. And … keep enlarging them. Refuse to have small, negative, limiting thoughts, dreams, and visions. Say to yourself, “I refuse to think or envision anything negative, small, minimal, or limited.”

Zechariah 4:10 says, “For who has despised the day of small things?” Don’t worry about STARTING small … just make sure the goal – the vision – is BIG and unlimited.

Associate with positive winners! It would be better to be alone, and hang out with Jesus, than to associate with the wrong people. There’s an old saying, “If you want to see what you’ll become, look at the people you’re with whom you associate.” This is “the law of the group.” We associate ourselves with people we are like.

Find somebody who is positive and successful and spend quality time with them. If you can’t find anyone like that, then spend lots of time with Jesus the Messiah in fellowship, in His Word, and in prayer. I always enjoy when I can be away from people so I can spend more time talking to Jesus.


Project yourself into your visions and goals. A successful hedging investor in the commodities futures market has to do two (2) things:

1. He has to mentally place himself in the trade; and,

2. He has to ask himself, “Do I have the product or not?”

These two factors will determine the position a successful hedge investor will take. It’s the same way when you plan BIG works for God:

1. You have to mentally place yourself in the vision. See yourself at each stage of the growth. Then PLAN and PRAY accordingly. Pray ahead of time for each stage of development.

2. Ask yourself (ahead of time) at each stage of the project / vision: “Do I have what I need?” If “Yes,” pray and plan for the proper implementation. If “No,” pray and receive in faith the people and things you need.

As your vision develops and comes to pass you will need a network. A network is comprised of:


Communication; and,


You need to pray ahead of time for these and receive them by faith. And don’t always look at the easy way or the path of least resistance. Also, not every package that comes your way (that has your name on it) is necessarily from God. It might be from the devil. It might be from a Christian. For example, you might receive an offer of funding or help from a Christian source, but make sure you pray about it before receiving it. It may NOT be God’s will. I’ve given lots of money back to people after they gave it to me, and sometimes when it was offered to me.

Read 2 Chronicles 25:9. King Amaziah had hired 100,000 mighty men to help him fight and had paid 100 talents of silver. Afterwards the man of God told King Amaziah not to go carry out his plans to use these men. Amaziah then told the man of God, “What shall we do for the 100 talents that I have given them?” And the man of God answered him, “But God is able to give you much more than this.”

How LARGE can you ASK?

How BIG can you THINK?

“Now unto Him that is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ASK or THINK, according to the power that works in us …”
[Ephesians 3:20]


A Holy Spirit baptized church or Messianic synagogue in every neighborhood and village of the earth.

A Holy Spirit baptized witness in every house, home, or family of the earth.

Take this message, my friend, and reach the whole world with the Good News of Yeshua, the Messiah of Israel.

Baruch haba b’Shem Adonai.

Your friend,
Prince Handley


Podcast time: 16 minutes, 14 seconds


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with Prince Handley

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If you’re going to be used GREATLY by God, there are eight (8) things you will need.

Three (3) of the eight you MUST HAVE.

One (1) of the eight will help you IMMENSELY.

Four (4) of the eight you USUALLY NEED but probably won’t have UNLESS you pray and fast.

These four can make the difference between being successful or NOT accomplishing GREAT achievements for God!

The three (3) things you MUST have:

[] Anointing

[] Wisdom

[] Knowledge

The one thing which will help you IMMENSELY:

[] Network

The four things you USUALLY NEED are as follows:

[] Time

[] Money

[] Strength

[] Plan

It is the purpose of this teaching to instruct you as to HOW to obtain all eight of the above, and thereby be in a position to be GREATLY USED BY GOD.

If you are serious, God will meet you … and equip you. Let me first recommend that you review or study the following writings, which may be found and printed out, from the “Archives” of The Apostles Newsletter:

• Remove the Barriers

• The Vision and the Miraculous

• An Anointing for Success

• The Secret

• The Move

• The Idea

• The Covering

• The Blessing

• Trends, Times, and Tongues

• Signs and Wonders

• Multiply Your Ministry

• Turning Attacks Into Victory


The Holy Spirit is your best friend. Spend much time with Him. Yes, I know He lives inside you if your human spirit has had a definite spiritual “jump start”: born again. But just because someone is a guest in your house … or even lives there … doesn’t mean you spend time with them. It’s the same way with the Holy Spirit.

Before I was baptized in the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues (received my heavenly language) I had sense enough to ask the Holy Spirit to “breathe on me” (to anoint me) before I would preach, and even before I would witness. I saw people come to Christ in great numbers in and outside of the USA.

Now I ask the Holy Spirit to anoint my writing and the various projects the Lord would have me undertake. When we produce social media releases, send out videos, cassettes, CD’s, literature, and workers (ministers) we lay hands on them and speak the BLOOD of Christ over them. We ask the Holy Spirit to anoint them: to save, heal, deliver, empower, and prosper the people receiving the ministry of the items or workers being sent out.

When I was a new Christian, I attended a Sword of the Lord Conference (one of the many I was privileged to attend) with great soul-winning ministers like Dr. John R. Rice. One evening Dr. Rice laid hands on me and prayed this prayer: “Father, breathe the breath of God on this young man for soul-winning power.” Within 15 minutes I led a person to Christ while I stopped to buy gasoline (petrol) for my automobile. That was the start of years of wonderful soul-winning adventures.

Since that time the Lord has taught me to ask for an anointing by the Spirit for multiplication upon my labors so that the results of the ministry will be multiplied: new churches and Messianic synagogues being raised up in every neighborhood, village, and community of the earth.

Ask the Holy Spirit to breathe on you
. Talk to Him. Walk closely with Him. Ask for the anointing when you minister. Tell the Holy Spirit you need Him. Then, after the MIRACLES take place, give the Holy Spirit all the credit. Acknowledge to the crowds you’re ministering to that it was the Holy Spirit who did the work. It is the Holy Spirit who supplies the resurrection power of Christ on earth! Get alone immediately after you minister and tell your best friend – the Holy Spirit – that you know it was Him who did it!


Wisdom is the body of knowledge and experience gained – or developed – within a specified period or society. Practically speaking, wisdom is knowledge in action. The Holy Bible tells us how to initiate this process of development:

“The FEAR of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom.”
[Proverbs 1:7 and 9:10]

I was thinking the other day of a prominent minister who fell into sin, was sentenced to prison, and later repented. He said that in all the time he was sinning that he never forgot that God loved him. But he said that his problem was that he forgot the FEAR of God!

We are so blessed to be the recipients of God’s love, mercy, and grace that we often forget His greatness and authority. We need to practice DAILY repentance and humility before the one “who is able to destroy both body and soul in hell.” [Matthew 10:28]

On the other end of the spectrum, God’s wisdom will cause us to be slow to judge.

There are certain conditions of immorality laid down in the Bible which require us to impose church discipline. [1 Corinthians Chapters 5 and 6]. In this life we are to make certain judgments in relation to fellow believers as required by Scripture. In the next life, however, we will judge the world, and even angels. [1 Corinthians 5:12 and 6:2-3]

The FEAR of the LORD should cause us to be very slow to judge, and only then with NO acrimonious intent. There should be NO exhibition of strong animosity or resentment. But the FEAR of the LORD should cause us to judge in love, seeking the good of the person being disciplined. Why? Because this is the nature of our Father and we are to manifest His nature.

We, of all people on the earth, should consider where we came from … none of us were perfect. None of us were clean before God. If God were to mark offenses, who would stand? If it weren’t for Jesus, we would all be in a pit like Korah, Dathan, and Abiram. [Numbers 16:33]

“Who art thou that judgest another man’s servant? To his own master he standeth or falleth. Yea, he shall be holden up: for God is able to make him stand.” [Romans 14:4]

We have enough “beams” and “timber” in our own eyes to be removed before we attempt to remove the straw from our brother’s eye.

“And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?”
[ Matthew 7:3]

The FEAR of the LORD is the BEGINNING of WISDOM. It will cause us to act with controlled moderation in our own lives, as well as cause us to be SLOW to judge others, and then only out of LOVE for the one(s) being disciplined – true love, not a false love that only appears loving outwardly – seeking the benefit of the one(s) being disciplined.

“The fear of the LORD is the instruction of wisdom, and before honor is humility.”
[Proverbs 15:33]

This kind of wisdom will cause us to be humble and will ultimately bring us into honor where we can be USED GREATLY by God.


Wisdom is knowledge in action. By reading God’s Word, we know about God and what He wants … we learn His principles, also. When we have great reverence for our Heavenly Father, we desire to do what pleases Him, and begin to apply the knowledge we have from and about Him.

For decades I have conducted A.C.T.I.O.N. Seminars in different countries. A.C.T.I.O.N. is a mnemonic for Advanced Christian Training Inside Our Nation. We do our best to bring knowledge to pastors and Christian workers; knowledge which will help plant, nourish, and grow churches around the world. The Christian worker who is responsible for the work has to grow before a church can grow. No matter what your ministry office – apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, teacher, Christian worker – you must be a good steward of the intellectual faculties God has given you.

It amazes me how many people, even Christians, have the idea that they don’t need any more education after the age of 25 … and many, for sure, don’t think they do after the age of 50. I still engage myself in formal study every few years. Even at the time of this writing I go to a secular school and attend three classes of four (4) hours each (sometimes attending other classes). The reason I do this is twofold: 1. To be a good steward of what God has given me; and, 2. To sharpen my skills to enable me to reach more people for Christ.

I have been able, by God’s grace, to reach multitudes of people in many countries because of study that I did in formal educational institutions as well as independent study and research on my own. And this was all in addition to graduate theological seminaries I attended after earning a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering (and in eleven other colleges and universities).

Don’t be afraid to augment your knowledge base. But remember this warning:

“Knowledge inflates our egos and makes proud, but love builds up.” [1 Corinthians 8:1 – my translation]

God may be dealing with you about going back to school. I have a friend who started a church in a ghetto area. He is one of the most spiritual and practical men I know, yet he has two (2) earned Ph.D. degrees. Sure, it takes time, effort, money, and sometimes sacrifice … but what doesn’t that’s worthwhile.

God may be dealing with you about quitting school. I have a friend – a man I ordained into the ministry over 20 years ago – who is also one of the most spiritual and practical men I know. He obeyed the Holy Spirit and dropped out of university to go to the nations of the world. The Spirit honored his obedience and uses him greatly in many countries.

Just make sure you obey what the Holy Spirit wants YOU to do, that He is leading you, and that you give Him the credit for any success!
And … always be willing to study to obtain KNOWLEDGE, whether on your own or formally.

The more you KNOW … the more the Holy Spirit can use!


By working with other people and organizations you can greatly multiply and intensify your efforts in the Lord’s work. For clarity of definition, I am NOT talking about trying to meet people to receive contributions for your ministry. If the Lord is leading you to do that, that’s another matter; however, I purposely do not do that. I feel that the Lord can lead me to the people who would like to share in reaching the world for Christ, and that he can and will lead me to the people and organizations with whom He wants me to work.

Christians need to “brainstorm” more.
Just because we know that God can give us ideas directly, doesn’t mean He might not want to use other people to “sharpen” the creative and thought processes with which He has endowed us.

Also, different people have different skills … and different skill levels! By working with and communicating with other people and organizations, you enhance the opportunities to refine and empower the ideas He has given you. One time I met with a group of engineers from Hughes Aircraft Corporation. In one of the Hughes divisions I had been invited to minister different times in both the engineering section and also the factory.

I had an idea that I knew was from God. I had been told – from one of the wildest and most creative people I knew – that the idea was too far out for them. That was my “sign” that the idea was from God. I met with the people from Hughes and we brainstormed about different aspects of getting the project off the ground. It definitely was something that could reach millions of people for Christ … and something (at least to my knowledge) that had never been done before.

As I became cognizant of the skills that each person in that group possessed, I assigned them different sectors of the project. Within days these men had each perfected and finished their respective assignments. That project reached some of the wealthiest Jews in the world – as well as multitudes of other people – in the center of the marketplace. I could probably never have done the project without the help and expertise of these men … and even if I could have … it would have taken much more time and money, and would not have been of the quality that our Lord deserves.

To help you in networking, working with other people and organizations, go to The Archives of The Apostles Group and study the following newsletters:

Unity – Part A (June 16, 2002); and,

Unity – Part B (June 18, 2002)

Or, you may logon to www.realmiracles.com and select “Advanced Studies” from the BLUE navigation bars on the left of any page. In the Advanced Studies you will be able to select “Unity – Part A” and “Unity – Part B” [DCC 19 and DCC 20].

Ask God to lead you, or cross your path with, those people and organizations with whom He would like you to work
. And don’t be concerned if the Lord does NOT lead you to others with whom to work. Many times, the Lord wants only YOU working on a particular project or ministry endeavor. The scriptures give us numerous examples of people who did great feats for God by themselves, with the anointing and leading of the Holy Spirit.

If you are going to network with other people, then choose your associates wisely. There is an old saying, “You are who you run with.” My mother many times told me, “Birds of a feather flock together.” After hearing that so many times in my life, I developed a simple axiom: “Don’t flock with stupid, unproductive, and lazy people.” And later in life, I honed that expression, “Don’t flock with people who don’t have a vision for reaching the world for Christ.” And even later: “Don’t flock with people who don’t honor the anointing.”

There’s another old saying, “If you lay down with dogs, you’re going to get fleas!” Associate with WINNERS … SOUL WINNERS! And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever.” [Daniel 12:3]

Networking is simply working with people to reach and help other people for Christ, and can take on a variety of creative expressions. It doesn’t just mean a Bible or evangelistic conference, although those are key things. Remember, God is “The Starter” … so ask Him to help you develop your creativity. If you’ve never been creative, then ask Him to START the creative process in your life and ministry to magnify His Son. Then pray, plan, and implement!

And most importantly, don’t disregard … or discard … IDEAS which God gives you
. An idea may not be for you; it may be for someone else. As a good steward you should share ideas with appropriate people, unless God has told you to keep them confidential. An idea can be multiplied to reach millions for Christ and to build the kingdom of God; also, to help people in need. Many times, you may find that after sharing an idea, nobody picks up on it. That is, nobody acts on the idea; people may even think it’s a foolish idea (usually because it’s never been done). In those situations, God will probably show YOU how to do it … and bless you exceedingly!


You need anointed time to be GREATLY used by God. You need wisdom in the planning and use of your time. It is true that you’re living part of your eternal life now; however, life on this earth … and in this present body … is limited. If someone steals your time, they are, in effect, killing you. Why? Because they’re taking part of your life here on earth.

The Holy Bible tells us, “Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.” [Ephesians 5:16]

The word for “redeem” here used is the Greek “exagorazo,” which means “ransom“. This scripture is literally telling us to “buy up the time“. We are to “ransom” the time; “rescue” the time from loss. We are to seize our opportunities eagerly and decisively!

There are several words for “time” in the Bible. There is “chronos” time, a segment of time … there is also a “season” of time … and there is “kairos” time, which is the word used in this passage. “Kairos” time is a set or proper time. It is an opportune season of time. A time that can pass you by if you do NOT seize the opportunity!


You will find through the years that TIME, which we discussed above, and MONEY are inter-related. When you work for wages, you are selling your time, even if it is via your services. What is your time worth – to God, to your family, to the ones to whom you minister, and to yourself.

You will also find that TIME and STRENGTH, which we will discuss next, are inter-related. If you over extend your time to make money, then you are robbing God, your family, the ones to whom you minister, and yourself. When you steal time from yourself, you lose strength.

The Apostle Paul made tents as a source of income. He worked willingly with his hands so that he could give the gospel freely (with no charge). [Acts 20:33-35, 1 Corinthians 4:12]

You need to establish a consistent pattern of paying tithes and giving offerings to God and stay with it. The scripture teaches us that this is one way you can PROVE God. [Malachi 3:10-11]

If you are in a ministry position where your sole source of income is from contributions, love-offerings, or salary … or a combination of them … you still have to be watchful not to over extend your time in one area to the neglect of another area. You are still “selling” your time. For example, you have to prayerfully balance your time between the following:

Personal time with God;

Your family;

Those to whom you minister; and,


It is NOT the money which is the most important issue in your life. When you run out of time (when you die), money will do you no good. So when it comes to selling your time you must have a PLAN, both short-term and long-term:

A plan for maintaining your strength; and,

A plan for maintaining your ministry.


To be used GREATLY by God, you need to maintain your health so yo will have strength and energy. One of the best things I can do for you in this line is to recommend that you go to “The Archives” of The Apostles Group and study the five (5) volume series “Health and Healing” (from September 15th through September 29th, 2002). Or you may go to www.realmiracles.com and select “Health” from the BLUE navigation bars on the left of any page. There you may study or print out the 32 page booklet.

If you’re walking closely with God, He will many times tell you things to change: in your life, or in your eating habits. God wants you healthy MORE than YOU want to be healthy! I remember one time six months before I was to go on an extended ministry trip overseas that God told me to get in shape. By His grace I lost 43 pounds in seven (7) weeks.

It was easy. I fasted, prayed, changed my eating habits, and exercised. If I hadn’t obeyed the voice of the Spirit, there were three times during that trip I could have over exerted my body. Even the natives told me they had said to one another, “How does he do it?” I even carried my bags and a native’s bags up a mountain!

Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.
Treat it as such! Be a good steward of your body: for the sake of God, your family, others, and yourself! If you’re a young person, start practicing good nutritional habits now, as an investment for the future.


If your plan fits into God’s plan

……. you will have God’s faith

………….. and God’s faith always works!

If I asked you to tell me specifically what it is that you want Christ to do through you in the next six months, five years, and 25 years, could you tell me? If not, you need to spend some time alone with God praying and fasting and receive some instructions: formulate your plan. One time while I was alone praying and fasting the Lord had $100,000 USD shoved under the door to me. There was a postage stamp on an envelope (from another country) showing a large wheat combine threshing the harvest!

If you don’t have a PLAN, how will you implement?

During this time alone, as you are receiving the instructions for your PLAN, be praying and receiving from the Holy Spirit the following:




And … ask for an anointing from the Holy Spirit upon each of the above. The devil shudders – he is terribly afraid – of anointed time, anointed money, anointed strength … and anointed people.

Now … you know HOW to be used by God in a POWERFUL way!

Your friend,
Prince Handley
Twitter: princehandley

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with Prince Handley

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When God was preparing to destroy the world through means of the Great Flood, He gave explicit commands to Noah. That the flood was a universal and cataclysmic event, worldwide and not local, is evidenced by the fact that it is recounted in different historical records of many ancient cultures, although corrupted as in the Gilgamesh Epic and the Sumerian account.

“Then the Lord said to Noah, Come into the ark, you and all your household, because I have seen that you are righteous before Me in this generation.

You shall take with you seven each of every clean animal, a male and his female: two each of animals that are unclean, a male and his female: also seven of each of birds of the air, male and female, to keep the species alive on the face of all the earth.

For after seven more days I will cause it to rain on the earth forty days and forty nights, and I will destroy from the face of the earth all living things that I have made.

And Noah did according to all that the Lord commanded him.” [Torah: Genesis 7:1-5]

Knowing that He would flood ALL the earth and destroy ALL living things that he had made upon the earth (both man and beast), God was at the same time planning for WORLDWIDE HARVESTS to keep the species [Lit: seed] alive on the face of all the earth (the earth after the destruction) by using birds to carry and disperse seed.

The Hebrew word for “species” or “seed” used in the above passage is “zerah” and can be used for fruit, plant, sowing time, or posterity. So God was planning ahead of time (after the destruction) for the seeding and maintenance of both botanical life and biological life, and thereby the ecological and systemic sustenance of human life and progeny.

God, in parallel manner during this present time of Planet Earth, in these last days, is preparing to destroy the heavenly bodies: the planetary system of the universe, including earth, as we know it.

However, He is at the same time planning for WORLDWIDE HARVESTS to keep the species [Lit: seed] alive on the face of the New Earth. [Ed. Note: Go to the Archives of The Apostles Group and study “Final Days of Planet Earth“.] This “seed” will be the seed of the Word of God through the seed of Abraham: Messiah Yeshua. It is the “seed” of the LIVING Word, Yeshua, and of the WRITTEN Word, the Word of God, of which there is an organic union between both.

Orthodox Judaism will become a distinct part of this sphere of activity, as will evangelical Christianity, of which there will be an organic union of the Holy Spirit. Many rabbis will be visited by Yeshua in dreams, visions, and in person through the testimony of REAL Christians. It will be the last stage of seven in militant church history: the Militant Church of Israel. [Ed. note: Read “Militant Church History” copyright © 1973 by Handley World Services.]

This incorruptible Word of God will be the “seed” which brings new birth and the necessary sustenance of (spiritual) life during the Millennial Kingdom and after the establishment of the New Earth.

God promised to never again flood the whole world by water; however, He is going to FLOOD the earth a second time with the Word of God. There will be a worldwide deluge of God’s Holy Word and of Messiah’s doctrine.

We see three (3) things in the first five verses of Genesis Chapter Seven in Torah:

[1] Noah lived a just, lawful, and righteous life.

[2] Birds were used as the medium to carry botanical seed.

[3] Noah obeyed God.


Notice the reason for choosing Noah: “Because I have seen you righteous before me in this generation.” [Genesis 7:1]

What kind of life are you living now? I didn’t ask you: “What kind of life did you live in the past?” I didn’t ask you: “What are people saying about you?” But I asked you: “What kind of life are you living … NOW?” Let’s do a self check, or a reality check. What kind of life do you want to live?

If you want to be used for “special works” then you need to live a sanctified, set apart, life. Only in purity will you be enabled for the Lord’s work. [2 Timothy 2:19-21]


Notice the means wherewith God told Noah that He would keep the species [Lit. seed] alive upon the earth after the flood:

“(You shall take) also seven each of birds of the air, male and female, to keep the species [Lit. seed] alive on the face of all the earth.”
[Genesis 7:3]

Birds were used as the medium to carry botanical seed after the flood thereby providing food, sustenance, and life for man and animals, and enabling procreation to continue.

Who are your birds? What carriers of God’s seed, the Word of God, do you have available to you? How will you keep seed alive upon the earth … and also prepare to keep the species alive (preserve life) upon the New Earth: the Millennial Kingdom of Messiah Yeshua?

May I say to you that there are several available means, or media. With these “media birds” you can “carry” seed. And with the seed you can evangelize, disciple, and establish new churches. Study the three (3) writings below to see more about how to do this:

I – “Using The Media To Preach Messiah” – Go to http://www.realmiracles.com and select Advanced Studies from the BLUE navigation bars on the left of any page. Then select DCC#16 or you can go to the SEARCH ENGINE at the top of any page and type in “Media”. You can also go directly to the page by typing in: www.realmiracles.com/dcc6.htm. Also, use social media such as Twitter, FaceBook, MySpace, YouTube, etc.

II – “How To Win The World For Messiah” at www.realmiracles.com/htwb.htm.

III – “Trends, Times, and Tongues” – Go to the Archives of The Apostles Group and select this topic dated June 29, 2003.


If you want to be used greatly by God, it will cost you everything you have. Jesus taught, “The kingdom of heaven is like unto treasure hid in a field; which, when a man has found it, he hides the treasure, and because of the joy thereof goes and sells all that he has, and buys that field.” [Matthew 13:44]

If you want to reach China for Christ, then you will have to sell out; also, you will have to buy the whole field. But remember there is JOY involved, and the joy of the Lord is your strength. Also, whatever you leave behind for the cause of Jesus and the Good News, you will receive back in abundance in this life … plus eternal rewards in Heaven, also. [Mark 10:17-31] Meditate upon this! Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal this to you.

Isaiah 32:20 shows there are two ways to increase your blessings. “Blessed are you who sow beside all waters, who send out the feet of the ox and the donkey.” First, SOW, carry the seed, by the different media available. Second, SEND out the workers. Commission them; lay hands on and send out the seasoned, trained workers.

Lots of ministries sow, but few send out the workers.

Along with evangelism and discipling, we need to continuously be: 1.) SOWING; AND, 2.) SENDING. We need to be SOWING locally and worldwide. “And the good news must first be preached to all the nations.” [Mark 13:10] See also Mark 16:15 and Matthew 24:14. We need to be SENDING locally and worldwide [Matthew 28:19-20] Then, we need to TEACH the new believers to DO THE SAME, and to do ALL the teachings of Jesus. We need to TEACH them to START NEW CHURCHES.

We need to pray and fast: for the Word of God to TAKE ROOT in the hearts and lives of people, and to take root in ALL ethnic groups, language and cultural groups, and nations … and for the Word of God to MULTIPLY. We need to ask God for an ANOINTING OF MULTIPLICATION upon our sowing and sending. We need to prophesy and speak in faith for this multiplication for the same reason that Elisha prophesied the multiplication of the widow’s oil: to keep families alive upon this earth and the New Earth … to keep the species [Lit. seed] alive!

This way, we are praying and asking in the Father’s will. This is how we get our prayers answered expeditiously.




“If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, you shall ask what you will, and it shall be done for you. Herein is my Father glorified, that you produce much fruit; so shall you be my disciples.” – Jesus [John 15:7-8]

Soul-winners get their prayers answered.

To obey God, as Noah did, has as a prerequisite that you have heard from God. Below are listed five steps to help you PLAN FOR GIANT WORLDWIDE HARVESTS.

1. OBTAIN A MAP of the world and pray for every country periodically. At times, the Lord may lead you to fast and pray. One good book on the subject is “God’s Chosen Fast” by Arthur Wallis, available by ordering at any good Christian book store.

You might want to pray for the leaders of certain countries, two per day. Write to Window International Network (WIN) for a calendar of the political and spiritual leaders in the 10/40 Window. You can email them at WIN@WIN1040.com.

Go to the RealMiracles website www.realmiracles.com and select “International” from the BLUE navigation bars on the left of any page to learn more about the “10/40 Window”. Also, study “WORLDX” in the Advanced Studies section (the BLUE navigation bars). (Also, at http://www.realmiracles.com/world10-40.htm.)

2. GO MINISTER (evangelize, prayer walk, or do support work) in other nations. Go to places like China and take in Bibles or books or do tract evangelism. For short term, intensive missions deep into china several times a year contact “Go and Sow” (Awesome China Adventure Trips) at: http://www.go-ers.net/go2prc.

Before you go, you have to leave! What is God asking you to leave: anger, career, business, past, unhealthy relationships, pride, fear, arrogance, home, family? Read Mark 10:29 prayerfully.

God may leverage the odds against us to TEST us, as he did in Abraham’s life. At 75 he was a RISK TAKER! Abraham was asked to leave all that he knew. He did not know where he was going … he was clueless. However, he had a healthy sense of inadequacy because he trusted God.

3. FOCUS on those areas where you have a concern. God will give you a concern before He gives you a solution. You will HAVE to do it. No one else may ever do it. Pray and fast; bring your concern before God. Many things may catch your eyes but not your heart. Not everyone will share your concern … maybe no one will … but it will be strongly placed in your heart.

Brand yourself with the component of the eternal. Tell God, “Here I am … give me favor!” Nehemiah was not concerned about a wall … but about God’s people. Reality check: Ask yourself, “Am I concerned about people?” “Do I want God’s Kingdom established on Planet Earth?” Go to the Archives of The Apostles Group and study “Final Days of Planet Earth”.

Give yourself to people … and to the establishment of God’s kingdom on Planet Earth. Remember, “good” is the enemy of “the best”! Nehemiah said, “I am doing a great work and I can’t come down.” [Nehemiah 6:3]

4. EXCEL in where you place your focus (Step #3 above). God doesn’t want you to be average. You’re a believer. Tear down the barriers. BELIEVE GOD! Your own thinking will keep you from God’s best. Enlarge your vision. Prepare yourself for excellence. For advanced studies in leadership, church growth, and missions, study at The University of Excellence. Email to: universityofexcellence@gmail.com for information.

“ENLARGE the place of your tent, and let them STRETCH OUT the curtains of your dwellings; Do not spare. LENGTHEN your cords, and STRENGTHEN your stakes. For you shall EXPAND to the right and to the left. And your descendants will inherit the nations and make the desolate cities inhabited.” [Isaiah 54:2-3]



Stretch out



You have to prepare room first
. Then you will break forth and expand. Maybe you need to take some classes in school or online courses on the internet, or obtain other experience. Prepare for excellence. At the University of Excellence (part of Handley WORLD SERVICES™ Foundation) we look for people who strive for excellence. We awarded the Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in the area of Cultural Humanities to Reverend George Mensah because of his excellence in evangelism to ethnic groups of different countries. He is truly led by the Holy Spirit and it has been our privilege to know him for the last 28 years.

5. MULTIPLY YOURSELF and God’s work through you. Plan and prepare for worldwide harvests to be self-propagating to keep the seed alive. You can do this by means of:


Establishing schools behind every bush;

Using the media;

Establishing churches and messianic synagogues; and,

Praying for an anointing of multiplication.

If you need help or prayer let us know. We will consider it a PRIVILEGE to assist you in your PLAN FOR GIANT WORLDWIDE HARVESTS! You can email Prince Handley directly at: princehandley@gmail.com

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