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The major tool for reaching the world for Messiah in these last days, the end times, is “two-pronged”: 1. Reaching the children; and, 2. Reaching Generation Y.

Reaching Generation Y is covered in The Apostles Newsletter titled “Trends, Times, and Tongues.”

In this teaching we will cover “Reaching the Children: The Josiah Model.”

Some time ago the Lord revealed to me that the major players in the end-time harvest will be BOTH the eight (8) year olds living today (this was the exact age of Josiah when he was anointed king over Judah) and the eight year olds living in the future.

“Josiah was eight years old when he became king, and he reigned thirty-one years in Jerusalem.”
[2 Chronicles 34:1]

Many eight-year-old children today are saved, filled with the Holy Spirit, and know more about their authority in Christ than many people who have been saved for years. The Holy Spirit is NOT a respecter of persons . . . He will invade the earth and shake kingdoms through the faith, the boldness, and the prayers of an eight-year-old as well as through any [older] saint of God.

In my research of militant church history, I discovered that through centuries of awakenings and Spirit invasions God has been pleased at times to use children. You have NOT seen anything yet. Believe me! The Spirit of God is going to CONFOUND the governments, the armies, the halls of justice, and the religious leaders through holy anointings upon holy children: vessels manifesting God’s power in these last days! God will use children to manifest MIRACLES … real miracles!

In a passage of scripture dealing with the last days [Revelation 9:21], we are informed that people will not repent of their:



Sexual immorality, and


These four activities will be not only common, but also rampant, in the last days. Look at much of the culture media today: movies, TV, video, gangsta rap, hip hop, and even comedy. The point I am trying to make is that young people are inundated with models of an egregious lifestyle. This is a major factor as to why these activities will be prevalent in the last days.

The word for “sorceries” in this passage is the Greek word “pharmakeia.” The words pharmacy and pharmacist derive from the same root as pharmakeia, which generally describes the use of medicine, drugs, or spells. The word was also used as sorcery accompanied by drugs, incantations, charms, and magic: basically witchcraft in association with drugs or narcotics.

The best defense is a good offense. Therefore, by taking the Good News of Messiah Yeshua into the culture(s) we can impact society, especially when we portray the END RESULTS of the activities described above WITH the hope and deliverance that are available in Jesus Christ. Do NOT discount the use of comics and cartoons for such an strategy. If you will research the demographics of comics, animation, and Japanese manga you will see a huge readership among many cultures that extends into the business and professional world. We as Christians should be impacting culture with the message of the purpose of the cross of Christ (WHY Yeshua came to earth to pay for our sins) and the Good News!

Many of you reading this newsletter are involved in communications, the media, print publishing, or the graphic arts. Open up your vision . . . and then focus on the opportunities. Go to conventions like Comic-Con International and establish your target goals. The world is waiting!

We need NEW “Josiahs” TODAY!

The “Greatest Outreach” is to young people, especially those 15 years and younger. If you reach the segment of society age 15 and under, you reach:

• The mass of the population (50% of the population in third-world countries is age 15 and younger).

• The next generation (and the future leaders).

• Those who have a whole lifetime of service for the Lord!

Pray and ask God to show you WHAT he wants you to do, and HOW to involve yourself in “The Greatest Outreach.”

In another passage of scripture dealing with the last days, we see that God wants to reach the people groups of the world, the tribes, the language cultures, and the different ethnic groups with the Good News. What better way to reach these groups with permanence than by reaching the children. Even those who aren’t saved now will still have the Word of God in them which the Holy Spirit can use in the future.

There are many ways to reach children, but one of the easiest, least expensive, and most portable ways is by means of the “Wordless Book.” No expensive manufacture is necessary: all you need is five sheets or pieces of different colored paper: red, black, white, gold (yellow), and green. It can be used with an individual . . . or to great crowds.

Everyone can learn how to know God, from children to adults, by using the wordless books. They are economical (costing almost nothing), as they can be reproduced from “makeshift” at-hand materials. They are extremely effective for people who are illiterate and/or those with limited reading skills.

The wordless books are also excellent for children whether they can read or not; they love the graphic colors and remember them. And, they are easy to teach those you’re teaching to use the “Wordless Books” to go teach others!

One pastor in Africa with whom we partnered for more than 20 years, and who started more than 100 churches, told us: “All our Sunday schools have doubled using the “Wordless Books.”

[] [] [] [] []

How to Use the “Wordless Books.” (NOTE: The instructions below may be translated into any language to show people how to reach their own ethnic or people groups.)

There are NO written words to this presentation. It may be used in any language group of the world. It is effective in reaching adults, as well as children. All you need are five (5) different colors of paper; use whatever size you want depending upon the size of the crowd (so each person can see). You may use whatever colors you want; however, the following seem to work the best:

• Black

• Red

• White

• Gold (yellow)

• Green

Below are the instructions for using the colors. Print them out from your computer so you can teach others how to use them.

[] [] [] [] []

• Black is for SIN

• Red is for the BLOOD of Christ

• White is for PURITY

• Gold (yellow) is for HEAVEN

• Green is for GROWTH

[] [] [] [] []

BLACK – Describe how beautiful the garden of Eden was. Tell how wonderful creation was and how God blessed Adam and Eve with close fellowship with God. Tell how Adam and Eve sinned by disobeying God. Explain that we are born in sin through the bloodline of Adam, the first man. Sin separates us from God and his power, love, and health.

RED – God had a plan. He sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to earth to heal the separation between God and people. Just as one man (Adam) brought sin into the world, so one man (Jesus Christ) came into the world to put away sin. Jesus died on the cross to PAY for our sins. He took our punishment so we do not have to be separated from God. The RED blood of Christ washed our sins away.

WHITE – The blood of Christ, which was shed on the cross to pay for our sins … and the sins of the world … washes us clean: whiter than white! All we have to do is REPENT (turn away from our sins), BELIEVE (trust that Christ died in our place … for our sins), and RECEIVE (ask Jesus into our lives to be our leader and Lord).

GOLD (yellow) – The Holy Bible, which is God’s Word to man, tells us that in Heaven the streets are made of gold. Heaven is a wonderful place, full of love, beauty, and the glory of God. When we repent, believe, and receive Christ, God becomes our Father. When we die, we get to go to Heaven and live with Him and Jesus forever!

GREEN – We not only get to go to Heaven when we die, but we get to walk closely with our Father God every day here on earth while we live down here before we die. After Jesus died on the cross to pay for our sins, God raised him from the dead. Jesus is alive and he will help you GROW up and be strong for God. Read the Holy Bible, pray, tell others about Jesus, and ask God to fill you with the Holy Spirit every day!

NOTE: One time while teaching a seminar, a co-worker was teaching others how to use the wordless book. A group of young children had received Christ while listening to the instructions, and when our instructor was sharing on the “GREEN” color (the Spirit-filled life) almost all the children started speaking in another language!

[] [] [] [] []

Another way to reach children is through prayer. Have you ever heard someone say, “I wonder who was praying for me” . . . or, “Someone must have been praying for me!”?

Many people who are new Christians grew up in ungodly homes . . . some in witchcraft . . . and some in pagan religions. Yet they are now serving God. They don’t remember HOW, but at a certain point in their lives a Gospel witness came to them, and at a key time in their lives they developed a DESIRE to know the true and living God.

Someone was praying for them!

As the Lord leads you, select a child to PRAY for . . . one that you will commit before the Lord to pray for at least 10 years . . . and maybe for the rest of your life.

You do not have to tell them you are praying for them unless you want to. It may be a child you know or someone you don’t know! Maybe it’s a child you have heard about or read about in the newspaper . . . maybe a child or teenager in trouble.

Pray for them in addition to your prayers for your own family or children, and then ASK God for two (2) things:

To lay your children or family on someone else’s heart for prayer; and,

To give you a great harvest blessing in your children or family as a reward for your prayer-sowing in the life of the child(ren) you have adopted for prayer.


By reaching the children under age 15 you will be reaching:

• The mass of the populace;

• The next generation and future leaders; and,

• Those who have a lifetime of service for the Lord.

The major players in the end-time harvest will be BOTH the children living today and the children living in the future.

Through centuries of awakenings and Spirit invasions, God has been pleased at times to use children.

By taking the gospel into the culture(s) you can impact society, especially children.

Also, anyone . . . anywhere . . . can reach children, and at the same time invoke a holy awakening in their community . . . and among the ethnic, tribal, language, and cultural groups of the world . . . through: 1) the “Wordless Book”; and / or 2) prayer.

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with Prince Handley



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These words burst from the heart of a father who felt he had failed: “What should I have done differently?”

They are not the words of just one father. In them are the questions that are uppermost in the minds of many fathers and mothers … if they take parenting seriously. I’ve pondered these questions and a few suggestions have surfaced.

[] [] [] [] []

FIRST, if I were starting my family again, I would be freer to let my children SEE that I love their mother.

I would seek to be faithful in doing little loving things for her: opening the car door, placing her chair at the table, giving her little gifts on special, and maybe “not-so-special” occasions … writing her love letters when I’m away from home. I would take her hand as we walk. I would praise her in the presence of my children.

A child whose parents love each other has a security and stability about life that is gained in no other way.

“Husbands, love your wives, just as Messiah loved tHis people and gave Himself up them.” (Brit Chadashah: Ephesians 5:25)

[] [] [] [] []

SECOND, I would listen more. Most fathers find it hard to listen. After a busy day they are tired … BUT … so is the wife. I would listen when my child shares his hurts and complaints … and his excitements. I would try to hold back words of impatience at the interruptions. Such times can be the best times to show love and kindness.

One evening a small boy tried to show his father a scratch on his finger. Finally, after repeated attempts to get his father’s attention, the father stopped reading his newspaper and said impatiently, “Well, I can’t do anything about it, can I?” “Yes, Daddy,” his son said, “You could have said, ‘Oh!'”

I would try to understand what my child says. I now believe that the father who listens when his child is small will have a child who cares what his father says later in life.

In listening, I would pay more attention to my child’s questions. It is estimated that the average child asks 500,000 questions by age 15. What a privilege for every parent: unlimited opportunities to share something about the meaning of life and about your own dependence on God.

“These commandments … are to be upon your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you out for a walk, at bedtime and when you get up.” (Torah: Deuteronomy 6:6-7)

[] [] [] [] []

THIRD, I would seek more opportunities to give my child a feeling of belonging. When a child feels he belongs in his family and is of real worth, it is not a big step to feel accepted, loved, and worth something to others and to God.

A child feels he belongs when he is involved in the responsibility and work of the family. Celebration of birthdays – when the PERSON, rather than the gifts, is central – creates a sense of belonging. We can build that same sense into the child when they hear us pray for them. No part of child guidance is more important than assuring the child – by action AND word – that he is important and has a place in the affections of the family.

“Children are a gift of the Lord; the fruit of the womb is His reward.” (Psalm 127:3)

[] [] [] [] []

FOURTH, I would express words of appreciation and praise more. Many children seldom hear words of commendation and encouragement when they do a job well or exhibit good behavior.

Probably no other thing encourages a child to love life, to seek accomplishment, and to gain confidence more than proper, sincere praise … NOT flattery, but honest compliments when he does well.

“See that you do not look down on one of these little ones.” (Matthew 18:10)

[] [] [] [] []

FIFTH, I would spend more time with them. A group of 300 7th and 8th grade boys kept accurate records of how much time their fathers actually spent with them over a two-week period. Most saw their fathers for days at a time; however, during an entire week, the average time a father and son were ALONE TOGETHER was 7 1/2 minutes.

Arthur Gordon tells an interesting experience from his youth: “When I was around 13 and my brother was 10, Father promised to take us to the circus. But at lunch there was a phone call; some urgent business required his attention downtown. My brother and I braced ourselves for disappointment. Then we heard him say, ‘No, I won’t be down. It will have to wait.’ When he came back to the table, Mother smiled. ‘The circus keeps coming back, you know.’ ‘I know,’ said Father, ‘but childhood doesn’t’.”

“Making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil.” (Ephesians 5:16)

[] [] [] [] []

SIXTH, if I were to start my family again, I would laugh more. I remember when I laughed with my children: at the humorous antics they did for the family, at the funny stories shared, and at the times I fell for their tricks and catch questions.

I recall the squeals of delight when I laughed with them and shared in their fun and games on the floor. When I laughed with our children our fun was ENLARGED, and the door was opened for doing many other things together.

“A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” (Proverbs 17:22)

[] [] [] [] []

FINALLY, the BEST parent is the one who knows God as their heavenly Father. Only Yeshua can provide that relationship. Only He can say, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”

When we place our trust in Messiah Yeshua – believing that only His atonement for our sins can bring us forgiveness – then we become part of God’s family. At that time we receive a NEW POTENTIAL for fathering, for we have gained access to God’s UN-limited resources … and we can ask Him for wisdom and help.

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APOSTLE TALK  –  Future News Now!
with Prince Handley

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I have OFTEN made GREAT mistakes as a father; however the LORD has been MORE than faithful in His watch care over my children and my seed line.I am writing this to tell you HOW you can be successful as a parent (single or married) even though YOU are NOT perfect!

I have seven children, one of which went to be with the LORD at birth (the doctor had NO oxygen on hand). All of my children came to know Yeshua at the age of two to three years. Five of the six were baptized in water (mikvah) and in the Holy Spirit (Ruach Ha Chodesh) and spoke in tongues at the age of about three; the seventh was baptized in water and the Ruach (Spirit)  as he came out of the mikvah (waters of baptism) speaking in tongues at the age of eight.

My first daughter (32) has two children and was leading a Bible study group in her home with her husband and another couple for about two years. That group has grown to a new church plant with over 1,000 people now, 40% [400] who have come to the LORD in the last year. They are still discipling people on a personal basis every week. Before that, every weekend they used to go to a different community and give clothing, food, and money to poor people, and witness and pray for those in need. She first started tithing when she was two.

My second daughter (30) went for a short-term missions (medical and evangelistic) trip to Guatemala last year. She and her husband have a youth ministry and they have three sons. She graduated from Bible College last year and has taught evangelism and intercession in the college afterward.

One of my sons graduated from Bible college this two years ago. He started preaching when he was six. When he was only two, he and my third daughter (who was only four at the time) laid hands on an 82 year old lady who had been paralyzed in a wheel chair for 8 months from a stroke.

My two year old commanded the lady to be healed in the name of Jesus and the 82-year-old walked right out of the wheel chair perfectly healed and gave her testimony. This miracle was documented in the Santa Ana Register (now the Orange County Register) in a half page article by the newspaper photographer who saw it happen.

My third daughter (in the paragraph above) started praying over a map of the world at the age of four, and would shed tears as she laid hands on the nations and would pray in tongues interceding for them. She is a godly mother and wife, raising her two children to serve God.

One of my children got into some trouble but now reads the Bible daily, sometimes as much as 50 to 60 chapters a day while seeking God’s plan for their future.

My youngest son, my 7th child, has had the gift of discerning of spirits since he was a young boy. He just turned 17. Two years ago he was at a secular concert when someone slipped ecstasy and drugs into a teenager’s cola. The boy overdosed. My boy rebuked the spirit of sorcery and narcotics in a crowd of about 50 God hating young people and commanded the boy to stand up and praise God (which he did). My son then took the boy and his girlfriend outside where he prayed for them and they both received Yeshua (Jesus) as their Messiah!

I share these testimonies to let you know that even though I have failed many times as a father … and have made GREAT mistakes OFTEN … still the LORD watched over my children. Let me tell you THE SECRET below.

TWICE A DAY while my children were IN THE WOMB I would do the following:

[] Lay hands on the mother’s stomach and pray over the children in my language (English) and in the language of the Spirit (tongues).

[] Read the Holy Bible to the life in the womb. It is a known physiological fact that ears start developing in the fetus at the age of about eight (8) weeks. Spiritually, the human spirit of the child (in the fetus) can perceive spiritual things because they were created in God’s image.

[] Play good Holy Spirit anointed gospel music to the life in the womb.

I instructed the children’s mother that if I was not home, or was away traveling, to minister to the life in her womb as outlined above.

I cannot take any credit for the blessings and success of my children. I just did what seemed to be both reasonable and spiritual. I’ve made many mistakes as a father and parent … but God never does! He and His Word are ONE and are TRUE!!

When I was a young boy there was a popular song, the words of which said:

“Accentuate the positive,
….Eliminate the negative,
…….And, don’t mess with ‘Mr. In Between’.”

So don’t worry so much about generational curses, but rather … concentrate on GENERATIONAL BLESSINGS!!!

Prince Handley


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