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How many people who pray and invite Messiah Jesus into their lives really continue on with Him … or, continue in His Word? Rabbi Yeshua (Jesus) very plainly said that those who continue in His Word are truly His disciples (talmidim). The purpose of this podcast teaching is to provide a model for the works … AND … the workers of Messiah Jesus.

Personal examples and experiences will be providedas well as resources to help YOUthe reader and listenerbe ALL God wants you to be.




Two-thirds of Jesus’ ministry was concerned withor directed athealing.

“And it came to pass also on another Sabbath, that He entered into the synagogue and taught: and there was a man whose right hand was withered.

And the scribes and Pharisees watched him, whether he would heal on Sabbath; that they might find an accusation against him.

But he knew their thoughts, and said to the man which had the withered hand, ‘Rise up, and stand forth in the midst.’ And he arose and stood forth.

Then said Jesus unto the religious leaders, ‘I will ask you one thing; Is it lawful on Sabbath days to do good, or to do evil? to save life, or to destroy it?’

And looking round about upon them all, he said unto the man, ‘Stretch forth your hand.’ And he did so: and his hand was restored whole as the other.

And the religious leaders were filled with madness; and communed one with another what they might do to Jesus.”  (Brit Chadashah: Luke 6:6-11)

Jesus could well have asked them, “Why are you so angry with me?” Why do you think the religious leaders were angry with Jesus? Here may be some reasons:

They were jealous of Him. (They had NO power … only control of people.)
He was drawing away their followers.
He was shining the light on their superficiality.


Several times in the past I have been invited to speak in public high schools in Southern California USA. Even though public prayer and Bible reading were banned years ago, the drug problem was so bad in these schools that they knew Jesus could help them. In every public high school where I spoke, the Gifts of the Holy Spirit operated through me. In EVERY high school the LORD would show me a student (that I did NOT know) and a situation in their body. Then, I would call them forward and share with them what the LORD had told me about them. I would pray for them … and EVERY time they would be instantly healed.

One time a denominational pastor called me on the phone after I had been on a campus where the LORD had healed and saved a girl that previously had been the biggest “bad-mouth” against Jesus on that campus. He said, “We have worked for years on that campus trying to gain a foothold … and you come in and cause “commotion.” I asked him politely, “If you mean by ‘commotion’ that students were praying to receive Christ after a girl was healed and saved, then I guess I am guilty.”

It wasn’t one week later when I received another invitation to come to a High School in Orange County to speak. Right before I left to drive to the school I called that denominational pastor and told him, “I received another invitation to speak at a public high school a few days ago. I am just leaving to go there, and I wanted to ask you if it is OK to heal on the Sabbath?!” Then I hung up. He never bothered me again.


Today we see many large churches. Does this mean the sheep are being fed, or does it mean they are being fed but NOT nutritious food. Lots of restaurants cater to large crowds but does that mean the food is nutritious? Large churches (mega churches) are NOT necessarily a sign of productive ministry in the eyes of the LORD.

To be a productive church the shepherd leader must attempt to form and lead a POWER church: a real New Testament church. Programs and cell groups mean nothing if people are not being instructed in the ministry precepts of Jesus. WHAT are those precepts? Let’s look at what Jesus instructed His followers to do:

1. Preach and teach;
2. Heal the sick; and,
3. Cast out demons.

Also, let’s look at the Great Commission:” … teaching them to observe ALL things whatsoever I have commanded you …” (Matthew 28:20) Pastors that do NOT minister healing and the Baptism in the Holy Spirit are cheating their flock out of 67 percent of the ministry of Jesus. They are omitting 2 out of 3 parts of Jesus’ ministry. They preach and teach but they are NOT serving healing or deliverance―#2 and #3 shown aboveto their people. This is corruption. It is stealing … it is cheating God’s people AND the people who could be saved by witnessing the healing and miracle power of God.

Why do they do this? Usually because they do NOT believe in healing. Or, they will tell you, “I believe Jesus can heal,” or, “We have had people healed.” However, the TRUTH may be that they do NOT know HOW to minister healing so they dismiss it. That is, they either do NOT believe Jesus will heal, or they do NOT have the faith to pray or believe for healing. The same applies to MIRACLES … real miracles! The truth is: to minister healing and deliverance they need the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.

Healing ministry should be a part of all church worship services, or at least one service a week designated for healing. But what about people who are sick, diseased, bound, or afflicted who come to ANY service in need of healing, deliverance, or prayer? The same applies to the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and instruction concerning it.


Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him,
‘If you
continue in my word, then you are my disciples indeed.’”
‒ John 8:31

I recently told a man who is struggling in his walk with the LORD, “Do me a favor: Don’t get religious … just follow Jesus!” The only Bible instruction he is receiving is one time a week at the church he attends where he is told from the pulpit to write in three (3) words in an outline from the pastor’s sermon. I explained to him that he needs to study―and learn―the Holy Bible if he wants to grow strong … for himself and for the LORD.

Now … what are your ministry gifts (for others) from the LORD? Are you a writer? A pastor? A prophet? A film editor? And … you may have a combination of gifts with which the LORD has enabled you. However, whatever your gifting(s) you are to have as a primary goal the making of disciples.

By God’s grace, I have been involved developing disciples for over 50 years. It is a blessing to SEE what the LORD accomplishes through people who are yielded to and love Him. From ALL backgrounds of society and culture and education (or, lack of it) I have seen God do amazing things. This is what He promised: “Truly, truly, I say unto you, He that believes on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.” (John 14:12)


However, I have never known a person to be a greatly used disciple that was NOT a student of the Holy Bible and that was NOT reading God’s Word daily. We never get too old―or too experienced―that we do NOT need to spend time in God’s Word every day.

When we first started the Free Bible Studies by Mail, we kept a record of progress of each student. You could visually see in a file box of 3 x 5 index cards the commitment of students (the diligence of disciples). More completed the Intro Lesson, and progressively less for each lesson completed. But … praise God for those who were diligent and completed the whole course. One Catholic Nun from New York completed the whole course and flew to visit me in California. She later wrote me that she was training a group of 1,500 people about Jesus, about the Holy Spirit and about how to operate in the gifts of the Spirit.

Another young man I had the privilege of “pouring into” personally prayed with over 170,000 people to receive Christ … PLUS trained many others to do personal evangelism. (See link at bottom for his Anointed Soul Winning Plan.) Remember, AFTER people know the LORD, they need to GROW in the LORD. This is WHAT Jesus commanded us to do: make disciples.



My challenge to you is this:
Pray that the LORD leads you to people who WANT to be discipled …
those who WANT to learn God’s Word … and GROW and SERVE the LORD.


Almost every day I am discipling people. These are in addition to those I have ordained into the ministry … and in addition to the various ministries the LORD has assigned me. We have so many tools available to us: texting, social media, blogs and podcasts. Remember, when this life is over it will be too late. Let’s impact the world while we’re here.


Below are three (3) resources to help you: 1. Continue in His Word; 2. Operate in the Gifts of the Spirit; and, 3. Minister healing … and train others to do all three.




Baruch haba b’Shem Adonai.

Your friend,

Prince Handley
President / Regent
University of Excellence

Podcast time: 13 minutes, 18 seconds.

P.S. – Learn HOW one man personally prayed with over 170,000 people to receive the LORD. Also learn what happened to people he trained. God’s Anointed Soul Winning Plan.

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APOSTLE TALK  –  Future News Now!
with Prince Handley


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Here are four (4) time tested and proven methods for multiplying your outreach for the LORD. How your synagogue or church can reach the WHOLE world for Messiah:

1. Train others – The ‘Ringstrake’ Principle.

2. Use the Media.

3. Have a ‘distribution point’.

4. Pray for ‘an anointing of multiplication’.


Re-study How To Win The World For Messiah. Go over (review) the Seven Keys. Never forget them. It is one thing to KNOW something powerful; but it is another thing to USE the knowledge. Wisdom is “knowledge in action”! The Seven Keys should be used every day!

Whether your ministry is that of an apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, teacher, or Christian worker… Yeshua said: “teach (disciple) all nations”. If you closely follow Jesus through the Gospels, you will be convinced that there should be a “school by every bush”! Find some people to teach, and start teaching; then multiply what you’re doing by using the Seven Keys.

Now… get ready to learn something NEW: The ‘Ringstrake’ Principle. It works powerfully! Stated simply, the ‘Ringstrake’ Principle says this: “whatever the people you disciple SEE you do for God, THEY WILL DO.

If the people you train see you preaching in the open-air like the Apostles in the early church, then they will know to do the same. They will also KNOW they CAN do the same! If the people you train see you praying for the crippled and SEE arms or legs growing, they will KNOW to do the same; they will also KNOW they CAN do the same!

Study Genesis Chapter 30, verses 25-43. The people you train will CONCEIVE in their minds – a vision will be “birthed” – as they SEE Christ work through you. This is why it is good to spend time with the people you are training, as the Spirit leads.


Study the following teaching at the realmiracles website, Using The Media To Preach Messiah. Let God multiply His work through you through the use of literature, tapes, videos, websites, comics, and any other form of media that can be used by the Holy Spirit. Remember, the media is to be used to “teach all nations;” it should reflect and magnify Christ… not man!


You need:

1. A base of operations.

2. A place where people can contact you.

3. A place from where you can distribute, ship, or disseminate the Word of God in the various forms of media you will produce.

These three may or may not be at the same place. In this Lesson Plan we will only discuss #3: a distribution point.

You need to have a ‘distribution point’ (or an address) that people can depend on – and that YOU can depend on! It should be permanent, unless God changes it. This is your link to millions of people (and possibly, in the next ten years, to billions). Millions of people and multitudes of nations are “hanging” in the balance depending upon the decisions you make and the Word of God you ship or mail to them every day!

Your distribution point does not have to be elaborate or expensive, but it should be efficient and practical. You have a serious calling from God and you must be a good steward!

“Who then is faithful and wise servant, whom his lord has made ruler over his household, to give them meat [strong Word, not milk] in due season.” “Blessed is that servant, who when his lord comes, shall find so doing.” [Matthew 24:45]


Lay hands on and pray over EVERYTHING and EVERYONE you send out: Ministers and workers; literature; tapes; films; prayer cloths. Ask God to put His power on them. Ask God for the “apostolic power of Christ” to invade the earth through them. Pray for MIRACLES to magnify Christ.

Pray for people to be saved, healed, delivered, baptized in the Spirit, prospered, and sent out to do the work of Messiah. Ask God to raise up a great Holy Ghost church in every village and neighborhood of the earth … and a great Holy Ghost witness in every house, home, or family of the earth through the WORK and the PEOPLE you send out! Believe!!

Thirty (30) years ago Apostle Prince Handley asked God for a confirmation about a piece of literature he had written and was to be sending out. It was Lesson Four, How to Receive The Power of God, in the Bible Studies course. He wanted God to show him if he should include this lesson in the series and received three (3) confirmations within about one week.

The very first person who received that lesson was baptized in the Holy Spirit the day they received it in the mail. Then a Jewish man wrote from New York and said, “You wouldn’t believe what came out of my mouth when Jesus baptized me in the Holy Spirit” (as a result of the lesson). Thirdly, a man wrote saying that as soon as he took his lesson out of the envelope he read one sentence and was knocked down by a strange force and another language came out of his mouth!

“Believe! All things are possible to him that believes.”
[Mark 9:23]

If you are not available to lay hands on the materials – or the people – then commission others to do it. Lay your hands on them and pray over them so the apostolic power of Christ will flow through them. At times, when Apostle Handley has not been able to be present for an ordination service in a distant place, God would instruct him to send a prayer cloth over which he had prayed, and to have the prayer cloth laid on the minister.

If the Holy Spirit can supply the resurrection power of Messiah to heal in this manner (Acts 19:11-12), then He surely can impart the gifts of the Spirit and enablement for ministry in the same manner. These should be “special” cases, however, because the normal Scriptural pattern would be to personally lay hands on those being ordained and sent out.

Ask God for ‘an anointing of multiplication’! The kingdom of Heaven is like leaven (or, yeast): it grows and spreads. Jesus still multiplies bread, and He can multiply the work, the workers, and the Word of God!

Baruch haba b’Shem Adonai.

Your friend and brother,
Prince Handley


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