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Sometimes you may feel that your life is “out of place” or “out of sync.” That is, your walk with the LORD feels different. You know that “We walk by faith and not by sight;’ however—this is different. You either feel the “challenge” has left—it’s gone somewhere—or you feel like there’s nothing left to do (even though you have “tons” of stuff on your plate scheduled to be accomplished).

There are reasons for this. God promised: “I will instruct you and teach you in the way which you shalt go: I will guide you with my eye (upon you).” – Psalm 32:8

It is the purpose of this podast / teaching to explain WHY this happens and WHAT to do.



Things to watch for:

ITEM #1 – When you are tired—weary—and worn down, it is important to set aside time to be with God. Listen to Him and thank Him for what He has done for you and yours in the past.

ITEM #2 – When things seem “out of place” it is usually—assuming we are NOT in sin or rebellion—that a NEW vista is about to open. A NEW season.

Look at the message (prophecy) in the podcast: That’s What Prophets Are For.

Something seems out of place—different—because it is like the “freshness” has left (even though you have been productive). It does NOT mean that you are necessarily to stop doing what you have been doing—or even to maintain part(s) of it—but that a NEW work is about to be assigned to you … and NEW direction.

A NEW season. That’s also where fasting is important.

WARNING: Sometimes this “out of place” feeling can also be because we are about to make a WRONG decision—even one that looks good or advantageous—even to ministry. Remember, in 2 Chronicles 25:5-9 …

“Moreover Amaziah gathered Judah together, and made them captains over thousands, and captains over hundreds, according to the houses of their fathers, throughout all Judah and Benjamin: and he numbered them from twenty years old and above, and found them three hundred thousand choice men, able to go forth to war, that could handle spear and shield. He hired also an hundred thousand mighty men of valour out of Israel for an hundred talents of silver.

But there came a man of God to him, saying, O king, let not the army of Israel go with you; for the LORD is not with Israel, to wit, with all the children of Ephraim. But if you wilt go, do it, be strong for the battle: God shall make you fall before the enemy: for God has power to help, and to cast down.

And Amaziah said to the man of God, But what shall we do for all the money I have already given to the army of Israel? And the man of God answered, The LORD is able to give you much more than this.”

God is good not only to lead us … but to warn us by His Spirit. In Nehemiah Chapter 8, verse 30, we read: “[He] testified against them by His Spirit in the prophets.” However, as a New Covenant believer in Messiah Jesus,you have the Holy Spirit living inside you—you do NOT need a prophet to guide you. However, God may send a prophet to confirm or reveal to you things you are NOT aware of in order to help you make a decision. Like a “spotter” helping his racing team driver in NASCAR; but—remember—the driver still has to make the decisions. You are the driver … you are driving your car.

Sometimes you may be confused as to whether God is warning you about a bad—a wrong—decision you are about to make … or whether … it is only a “sprit of fear” that is afficting you. This is easy to discern because love is stronger than fear. “Perfect love casts out all fear.” (1 John 4:18) “God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.” (John 4:24) Speak to the spirit of fear—bind it—and cast it out from disturbing and confusing you in the name of Jesus. If it leaves, you will know that is what was bothering you. If you still have concerns about the decision, make sure you do NOT do it unless—until—you are sure! Don’t gamble with your future. Remember … Stay in the peace zone.

The Holy Spirit will show us things to come and guide us into ALL truth. (Not just scriptural truth … but family truth, business truth, etc.) That’s WHY we should NOT be too busy in times like this … WAIT, WATCH, LISTEN. (Like the old railroad track signs: “Stop – Look – Listen.”

It all boils down to this: FAITH. You have to draw upon:

What is in agreement to God’s Word;
How the Holy Spirit is leading you;
Will the move—or the decision—you are about to make be productive for God’s Kingdom;
What do you feel in your gut? If you’re NOT sure … then don’t.

Your most dangerous enemy is the one you do NOT see!

Ask yourself these questions:

Am I living holy?
Am I living a “giving” lifestyle?
Am I involved in reaching people for Messiah Jesus?
Are my motives pure?

If you can answer in the affirmative to these four questions, then know that God will provide for you in whatever decision He leads you. A NEW thing … and NEW provision.

Remember you not the former things, neither consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall you not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.” – Isaiah 43:18-19

To help you forge out the powerful future God has ordained for you, I have written three books that will enable you to work hand-in-hand with God: Faith and Quantum Physics … and … Total Person Toolbox … and … Decision Making 101.

 Faith and Quantum Physics  Total Person Toolbox  Decision Making 101

Faith and Quantum Physics will help you to create your future.

Total Person Toolbox is the simplest book you will ever read—all based upon scripture affirmations—to make sure you have a foundation upon which to base your faith. It covers the four pillars of life and in those times when you need “shoring up” in your faith in a particular area—or need a MIRACLE—it will give you the “shot” you need. When you operate successfully in all of these four pillars of life you can accomplish anything else in life. Nothing can stop YOU. This book is also an excellent gift for people who are without a working knowledge of scripture … and who have no knowledge of how to access God’s MIRACLE working power.

Decision Making 101 will really help you in those “subjective” decisions you have to make when things are NOT “clear cut” or without the “facts in hand.”

Now you are equipped with everything you need to go forward. Stop – Look – Listen.

NEW things … NEW provision … for YOU.

Baruch haba b’Shem Adonai.

Your friend,

Prince Handley
President / Regent
University of Excellence

Podcast time: 9 minutes, 55 seconds.

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 Prince Handley
President / Regent


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We are NOT yet in the vortex of the end times; However, we are in the first stages – the entrance – of the End Times. What to LOOK FOR in the energy sector as it relates to the economy. I want to cover TWO signs that Jesus spoke of as indicators of the End Times. The reason I am covering these TWO is because you are more apt to be able to prepare yourself – to guard yourself and your loved ones – ahead of time for them. These TWO are: 1. Famine; and 2. Pestilence (pandemics).

Also, after you read this message, listen to the podcast: How to Know When to Give and Not to Give – True Spirituality. This will help you NOW … and in the FUTURE. 



The real CRISIS will happen when ENERGY collides with the ECONOMY. Think about it:

You’re hungry and no fuel to get you anywhere!

You’re hungry and waiting in line for blocks to buy gas at a high price!

You’re hungry and waiting in line to buy gas rationed to max of 3 gallons.

You’re hungry and waiting in line to buy gas. It runs out when you get there.

If gas prices escalate from $3.00 to $3.50, $4.00, or even over $5.00, HOW will that affect YOU … and what is your plan to deal with it.


We read of the following four chronological events happening in the last days, or End Times:



Scarcity or famine

25% of population dies due to –

War (the sword)

Hunger (famine)***

Death (due to pestilence or disease)

Animals (or wild beasts … maybe not so wild, but demonized or hungry)

For a chronological synopsis of the above … plus more devastating judgments AFTER them … go to: End Times Chronology.

BTW, the four micro (actually, it seems a little macro to me) judgments where the first 25% of the population dies (war, famine, death and wild beasts) is NOT something new. The Prophet Ezekiel spoke of these same four. Consult the Tanakh:

So will I send upon you famine and evil beasts, and they will bereave you; and pestilence and blood shall pass through you; and I will bring the sword upon you. I the LORD have spoken it.” (Ezekiel 5:17)

For thus says the Lord G-D; How much more when I send my four sore judgments upon Jerusalem: the sword, and the famine, and the noisome beast, and the pestilence, to cut off from it man and beast?” (Ezekiel 14:21)


SWORD — war.
FAMINE — possibly occasioned by drought.***
PESTILENCE — epidemic diseases which sweep off a great part of the inhabitants of a land.
NOISOME BEASTS — the multiplication of wild beasts possibly in consequence of the general destruction of the inhabitants.


***FAMINE is not only the failure of food production but also the failure of marketing systems to distribute the food. Wars, diseases, and earthquakes can all contribute to both types of failure. People in increasing numbers lose access to food.

Excessive numbers of people die as a result of famine. Also, many people die after the worst of the crisis as infectious disease resulting from reduced food intake continues. Look what Stalin did to the Ukraine. At one time, Stalin used an induced famine to kill off 25,000 Ukrainians a day: that’s 1,000 an hour … 17 people per minute! Now … look what Putin is doing to the Ukraine with Obama’s permission. “Sticks and stones may break Putin’s bones, but words will never hurt him!”

Famine covers more than food shortage and excessive food prices. It also causes a major recession in the economy, which in turn affects employment and income. Bio terrorism could at first be a greater threat against agriculture than against citizens, but with the end result of famine.

Smuggling, stealing, and black market crime increase. People are forced to sell their key assets (jewelry, animals, land). Wives are evicted and children sold. People leave their land, homes, and communities. Death is the result of famine but breakdown of society is the by product.

PESTILENCE (disease) can have many sources.  Biological warfare is the deliberate spreading of disease among humans, animals, and plants. Primary agents of bio-weapons produce many diseases that are hard to diagnose; they rarely occur naturally and often appear like other diseases.

A dirty bomb uses conventional explosives to spread radioactive materials. Such a weapon is known as a “radiological dispersion device.” A “dirty bomb” may or may not kill many people, but can create fear, panic, and huge financial losses. For example, a dirty bomb in Tel Aviv could result in a loss of billions of dollars.



Forbes Magazine Editor in Chief Steve Forbes warned that the USA Food and Drug Administration’s foot-dragging on approving new antibiotics is leading to the “potential catastrophe” of a “bacterial apocalypse.”

Forbes declares: “Thus today we are faced with potential catastrophe. Lethal bacteria now threaten to colonize U.S. hospitals. If nothing is done, we will be facing a bacterial apocalypse. The horrors that we thought were banished 70 years ago are coming back.”

The FDA should be overhauled to remove its capricious hurdles, Forbes says, and he called on the USA Congress to “hold hearings on the FDA’s increasingly deadly and bizarre behavior.”

Ebola could end up being much worse than the AIDS epidemic.



Remember, God has angels to help guide you and protect you … no matter how difficult the economy or how dangerous the environment. When King Hezekiah and Jerusalem were compassed about by the multitude of the Assyrian army, an angel of the LORD slew 185,000 of the enemy in one night.

And it came to pass that night, that the angel of the LORD went out, and smote in the camp of the Assyrians an hundred fourscore and five thousand: and when they arose early in the morning, behold, they were all dead corpses.” (Tanakh: 4 Kings 19:35; see also 2 Chronicles 32:21 and Isaiah 37:36)

For a concise teaching on HOW to protect your home, family, and business, go to: “Protection from Terrorism and Pandemics.”

We know for sure that war, famine, disease and pandemics, and wild animal attacks are destined to happen in the future. Don’t be fooled by temporary “dips” in fuel prices. The Islamic oil cartel has you ramped up for a “sucker punch.”

As I have recommended in past BLOG–O–NOMICS articles, your safe hedge is God and His Kingdom.

Remember, protests in Algeria a few years ago started with citizens chanting “Bring Us Sugar!” Food inflation in Egypt reached 20% and citizens in that nation already spent about 40% of their monthly expenditures on food. Other commodities were set to bring profits in the market: wheat, rice, cotton. (These were just opportunities for militant Islamic factions AKA The Muslim Brotherhood to take advantage of democratic elections.)

But underpinning ALL of your investments should be FIRST: Giving to God. That is, IF you want to be truly successful … NOW and in the FUTURE throughout eternity.

But you shall remember the LORD your God: for it is He that gives you power to get wealth, that He may establish his covenant which he swore unto your fathers, as it is this day.” (Torah: Deuteronomy 8:18)

I trust this information will help you to be profitable, protected, and purposeful.


Thus says the LORD, your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel; I am the LORD your God which teaches you to profit, which leads you by the way that you should go.”  (Tanakh: Isaiah 48:17)


You shall not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flies by day; Nor for the pestilence that walks in darkness; nor for the destruction that wastes at noonday.” (Tanakh: Psalm 91:6)


And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.” (Brit Chadashah: Romans 8:28)

I have selected three (3) books which will help you to know what is getting ready to happen in these Last Days, plus provide you with the enablement – the POWER and GIFTINGS – to get the job done.

Map of the End Times

How to Receive God’s Power with Gifts of the Spirit

Flow Chart of Revelation

Here they are … just click on the image to order.

Remember, “binding and loosing” can be used for other than ministry … so can praying in tongues. Learn to use them actively and militantly … for ENERGY and the ECONOMY just like the LORD instructed me.

Also, if you would like to sow into good fields we (HWSI – Handley World Services Incorporated) are preparing a shipment of over 100,000 pieces of Portuguese Gospel literature to Brasil and Portugal … plus preparing to sow Kurdish literature to the people of Kurdistan (many of whom are Islamic). The Kurds are the ancient people known as the Medes in Bible prophecy and play a significant role in the destruction of Babylon. (Isaiah 13:17; Jeremiah 51:11; and Jeremiah 51:28-29).

And … we have received GREAT news from Israeli leadership as a result of Phase #1 of our Israel projects. We are in a few days testing Phase #2. Here’s a chance to show Thanksgiving by sowing into the Kingdom … that should take care of energy and the economy for YOU!  You can donate below:


  If you feel the LORD would like you to help Prince Handley
get the message of Good News to people while the door is open,


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Remember, listen to the podcast: How to Know When to Give and Not to Give – True Spirituality. This will help you to be BLESSED – and to keep you from being “ripped off” by the devil – NOW … and in the FUTURE. LISTEN HERE

Your friend,

Prince Handley
President / Regent
University of Excellence


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