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This teaching will discuss present global trends including compromise and corruption in commerce and in churches. Several alarming trends – not noticeable because of lack of coverage in major media outlets – are fulfillments of Bible prophecy and indicators that we are in the early stage of the End Times. Many of these trends have “fixed” themselves already on the landscape of the New Global Governance.

Churches in many large cities are growing but in many of them the people are being “cheated” out of 67 percent of the POWER and TEACHING of Jesus the Messiah. This is spiritual corruption!

On one hand, governmental and commercial corruption is stealing the dollar value of the citizenry … with the populace (that’s YOU, the reader and listener) paying for the theft twice again through increased taxation and inflation. On the other hand, church and ministry corruption is stealing the health and freedom of God’s people … with God’s people (that’s YOU) paying for it in doctor and medical bills and lack of production.

In this podcast teaching I will teach you how to recognize, resist and recover the loss resulting from the idol of wealth and materialism as it affects and infects the church, government and society.




The Turkish Lira crashed to new lows last year. Then, a few months ago a huge scandal in Turkey broke out due to corruption among government ministers and their family members. This will result in destabilization in the area. Why do I mention this? The same thing is happening in countries all over the world, resulting in riots, distrust of government, bankers and politicians.

Europe, Asia, Middle East and soon the USA are headed towards more upheaval. WHY? Preparation for the anti-Christ, the “False messiah.” The coming world leader needs an economic and military crisis as a platform for him to walk onto and be chosen head of the New Global Government (part of the New World Order).

As I taught in the University of Excellence concerning “Global Equalization Will Be the Catalyst for New Global Banking,there will be – and is now already largely in existence – the formation of a Global Elite Sector: a small group of people extremely wealthy and powerful who control political and economic sectors.

One-fourth of the world’s middle class economic echelon suffers from mental depression. But that is nothing compared to what will happen when they (and the other 75 percent) suffer from economic depression. One-fourth of the young people on Planet Earth are without employment and necessary education. They are mad and they have no trust … let alone hope … in the global or local power structures. Their drive is not going to be lessened in the future; to the contrary, it will be increased asymptotically. However, these are “minor quakes” in the events ushering in the Last Days.


The coming world dictator is alive today and already involved in governance.


Look for more riots!

Look for more economic upheaval!

Look for the stock market to head south!

Look for (If you live in USA) the FED to keep pumping air into the economy by Quanitative Easing (QE), the printing of currency to increase money supply and pay government bills. What does this do? Makes your money worth less (like in, “worthless”) because of simple supply and demand. As your money loses value, prices go UP^. That’s why if the stock market goes up it does NOT necessarily mean your making money. Study my teaching on the New Global Currency.


Today we see many large churches. Does this mean the sheep are being fed, or does it mean they are being fed but NOT nutritious food. Lots of restaurants cater to large crowds but does that mean the food is nutritious? Large churches (mega churches) are NOT necessarily a sign of productive ministry in the eyes of the LORD.

To be a productive church the shepherd leader must attempt to form and lead a POWER church: a real New Testament church. Programs and cell groups mean nothing if people are not being instructed in the ministry precepts of Jesus. WHAT are those precepts? Let’s look at what Jesus instructed His followers to do: 

1. Preach and teach;

2. Heal the sick; and,

3. Cast out demons.

Also, let’s look at the Great Commission: ” … teaching them to observe ALL things whatsoever I have commanded you …” (Matthew 28:20)

Pastors that do NOT minister healing and the Baptism in the Holy Spirit are cheating their flock out of 67 percent of the ministry of Jesus. They are omitting 2 out of 3 parts of Jesus’ ministry. They preach and teach but they are NOT serving healing or deliverance – #2 and #3 shown above – to their people. This is corruption. It is stealing … it is cheating God’s people AND the people who could be saved by witnessing the healing and miracle power of God.

Why do they do this? Usually because they do NOT believe in healing. Or, they will tell you, “I believe Jesus can heal,” or, “We have had people healed;” However, the TRUTH may be that they do NOT know HOW to minister healing so they dismiss it. That is, they either do NOT believe Jesus will heal, or they do NOT have the faith to pray or believe for healing. The same applies to MIRACLES … real miracles! The truth is: to minister healing and deliverance they need the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.

Healing ministry should be a part of all church worship services, or at least one service a week designated for healing. But what about people who are sick, diseased, bound, or afflicted who come to ANY service in need of healing, deliverance, or prayer? The same applies to the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and instruction concerning it.

Let me ask you some questions:

  • When – or how often – does your church pray for sick people by laying hands on them?How often are people anointed with oil (either in the church or in their homes)? 

  • When – or how often – are people being sent out (commissioned / ordained) to the ministry with the laying on of hands? 

  • When – or how often – are people baptized in the Holy Spirit (and speak in tongues) for the first time in your church or ministry?

  • When – or how often – do MIRACLES happen in your church? (Or, when was the last time you saw a REAL MIRACLE in your church?)

A person said to me the other day, “Healing is for salvation: to bring people to Christ.” I answered them,  “Healing is part of salvation. So is the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, deliverance, prosperity, ministry, and Kingdom responsibility.” Healing is for the sick to be healed. One miracle healing can do more than 25 years of preaching. If you are a shepherd leader, let me challenge you to include ALL of salvation in your ministry. And … train your people to do the same. Then, the church will be the church!

I have attended churches where healings, miracles, baptism in the Spirit, deliverance, and great teaching were always present. I taught at a graduate theological seminary where at one Thursday morning prayer meeting so many miracles happened that 77 people were baptized in water.

I saw a lady in church so devastated with cancer get up out of her wheel chair healed. Her slip (her under garment) fell off because she was so skinny from losing weight due to the cancer.

I saw a man with his head locked into his wheel chair because part of his spinal column was severed. His nurse took him to church. He got up out of his wheel chair completely healed and walked after the nurse unlocked his head. These are only a couple of the MANY healings and miracles I could write about.

I have seen blind eyes opened, deaf ears unstopped, people walking out of wheel chairs, demons cast out: all part of the normal Christian church ministry. At a seminar where I was teaching on healing there was a man who had been in a wheel chair nine years due to five breaks in his spine from a large truck hitting his auto PLUS he had muscular dystrophy. He walked out of his wheel chair during Holy Communion. Two years later he gave his testimony at a large Presbyterian church and hundreds of people fell out of their pews under the Power of God, overcome by the Holy Spirit.

I was teaching in Houston, USA, where there were three barren women present. I laid hands on them and prayed for them in Jesus’ name. All of them conceived in 30 days. There are NOT many good teachers any more. WHY? Because only PART of salvation is taught. It has been my experience that wherever the WHOLENESS of Christ is preached, the teaching will be dynamic, edifying, prophetic, and gift accompanied.

Look at the New Testament Church in the Book of Acts. Look at your church. If you are the shepherd leader, you can at least do your part:  preach and teach WHAT Jesus told you to; and minister the WHOLENESS of Christ. At least do your part and try! WARNING: You may have to pay the price of being ostracized, persecuted and maligned by people and the devil. However, you will be BLESSED by the LORD.


Pray for your shepherd leader. God will speak to them because of your prayers; however, they may disobey. Why would they disobey? Several reasons: 1. Comfortable in the way they are leading; 2. Afraid to change; 3. Ashamed or embarrassed to say they believe the Gifts of the Holy Spirit still operate today; 4. Not willing to take a stand with Jesus’ full ministry; 5. Peer pressure; 6. Control by church board or body; 7. Pride.

Sometimes change may not happen. You will need to be honest enough with yourself to recognize this. If this is the case, then you have to make a decision to resist the damaging effects of religious bondage upon you and your loved ones now and in the future. If you are a parent with older children, you may think, “My children have friends at church or in their youth group. I don’t think we should leave.” You will have to seriously pray about your decision!


You will have to resist spiritual lethargy – for your own spiritual health and wellbeing – and make a decision to be available to receive the fullness of Jesus’ ministry. By being available, I mean have access to ministry that does NOT steal from you. You have enough corruption in government and commerce … you don’t need it coming from the church in your spiritual life. There are several options:

  1. Find another church;

  2. Meet with other like-minded believers;

  3. Start your own church or Bible Study and prayer meetings.

  4. Have family Bible study or prayer times where you invite Jesus.

  5. Periodically travel to an anointed worship and MIRACLE service.

I would rather be alone with Jesus and His MIRACLE working power and love than to be in a crowd of unbelief.


As you continue into the sector of the End Times, you will see the trends of corruption that will increase in government and commerce, builidng an underpinning for the appearance of the anti-Christ. Remember, he will not only be against Christ but a false Christ. On the other hand, corruption in the temple – the Church – will cause many to be powerless, cheating them out of the FULL ministry of Jesus, the Messiah.

To recognize, resist and recover loss from both inflationary thievery implemented by government … and … corruption and thievery in the church – stealing two-thirds of Jesus’ ministry from YOU – you NEED the Gifts of the Holy Spirit to give you POWER, LEADING, WISDOM and DISCERNMENT in our financial and spiritual matters.

If you want to know more about How to Recieve God’s Power with Gifts of the Spirit, click on the book below (available in both paperback and eBook formats):

How To Receive God's Power with Gifts of the Spirit

Your friend,

Prince Handley
President / Regent

University of Excellence


Podcast time: 16 minutes, 55 seconds (with music)

Copyright 2014 Prince Handley
All rights reserved


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Prince Handley
President / Regent



By Prince Handley

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In this teaching my goal is to present two basic principles that are not covered in most prophetic teaching
– and more importantly –
to inspire and
recruit workers who will create and implement an End Time MEDIA project

which will inform Jews, Israel and Gentiles of WHAT will happen soon on Planet Earth.


By Prince Handley

Several books have been written in recent years dealing with End Time scenarios and chronology especially with regard to Israel, the Tribulation Period and Armageddon. However, none of these have dealt with the two most basic principles of geopolitical upheaval:

The Uncertainty Principle; and,

Chaos Theory.

As a preface to this treatise, may I direct you to The Art of Christian Warfare series located in the online study forum at The University of Excellence. My reason for doing so is twofold:

  1. Your first line of defense should be spiritual warfare; and,

  2. What good is it to know – or think you know – about eschatological (end time) warfare if you are not prepared for warfare in the present. Also, if you just “happen” to be positioned in the segue to tribulation time(s), you will … above all else … need to know all you can about spiritual warfare.

The Uncertainty Principle

The Uncertainty Principle is basic to every day life. Having learned such is your first doorway to maximum (natural) achievement in any long term endeavor. You might want to study my two publications dealing with the Principle of Uncertainty as it relates to the following:

[ 1 ] 2012 Synopsis of End Time Alignment of Nations

CHINA has much to gain from the demise of the US … and the US dollar, as opposed to India, who only wants positioning on the NEW Global Currency as part of world economic leadership. However, China has plans in place for the downfall of the USA in international psychology, or game theory – similar to inter-corporate group dynamics – and based upon the Nash Equilibrium.

Prince Handley believes that China will at some point in the next 5 to 7 years assume an already SECRETLY SCHEDULED strategy – replacing its “seeming” position as regards its “partners of probability” in the Nash Equilibrium scenarios – of The Kuebler-Ross Model of Change, and use SHOCK to their advantage in order to argue for ACCEPTANCE in the 10 region New Global Governance along with Islam … to the rejection of its diplomatic ties with not only its other competitors, but mainly its diplomatic friend: Israel.

[ 2 ] Faith, Quantum Physics and Your Future

One reason you need to see the future – and to understand the influence of uncertainty – is so you can effectively profit from:

The past and present:

The nature of reality; and,

The operation of faith.

The Past

You may march off to the woods or go to war without having a knowledge of history, or as one who suffers from amnesia, but you can perform neither effectively nor optimally.

The Present

To advance into the Future, you must occupy a position in the present.

The Future

If you don’t relate to the future, you can NOT minimize latency with the past and the present; therefore, you do not interact with optimal information for decision making and action.

As stated above, to advance into the future you must have a quantized / momentary position in the present (you need a position from which to advance); And, for logistical purposes you require:



Experience; and,


All of the above are derived from the past … even though you are operating in the momentary, quantized, present, The “present” will be the past location when you advance.

For all practical purposes, we (as a Global Society) can forget about climate change and long term environmental mandates. These will prove to be miniscule efforts and will have microscopic results in relation to what is set to happen. These expenditures of time, labor and money would be much better spent on providing: 1. Relief efforts to famine stricken areas; and, 2. Water wells to areas who have no or minimal clean water resources. We learn from The Revelation that in the future the following three life critical emements are going to be toxically contaminated to the extent of harmful effects on the human race:




I suggest you refer to Revelation and End Times: A Flow Chart of End Time Happenings.

The influence of uncertainty is NOT even on the agenda of most prophecy writers – or readers. What IF all the money received from books, TV, DVD’s and seminars dealing with prophecy and end times were redirected towards future strategies dealing with the influence of uncertainty in the end times. Let me give you just two examples:

  1. What about the other believing Jews around the world (in the Time of Jacob’s Trouble … the Great Tribulation) who do NOT make it to the place prepared in the wilderness (maybe Petra?) where the believing Jews flee from the pseudo messiah? (See Brit Chadashah: Revelation 12:13-17.)

  2. What about creating mass media advertising about Mashiach, the End Times, and the “pseudo mashiach” to prepare Jews and others for what we know is really going to happen in the End Time. A marketing blitz that will NOT be forgotten; one that will cause people to think and remember – and be aware – of WHAT is really happening WHEN it happens!

Chaos Theory

The Uncertainty Principle prohibits accuracy. The evolution of a complex system can therefore NOT be accurately predicted … except by skeletal “waymarks” such as in Bible prophecy.

The two main components of chaos theory are the ideas that systems – no matter how complex they may be – rely upon an underlying order, and that very simple or small systems and events can cause very complex behaviors or events. This latter idea is known as sensitive dependence on initial conditions , a circumstance discovered by Edward Lorenz (who is generally credited as the first experimenter in the area of chaos) in the early 1960s.

However, Chaos Theory allows for GREAT departure – and at the same time – possible overlapping or “nearly repetitive cycles” of the initial conditions. For example, the “Seal, Trumpet and Bowl” judgments in the Book of Revelation might NOT have to be only consecutive or segmentally chronological. They may overlap … they may coincide … they may be simultaneous after unfolding … and, they may have NO predictability … EXCEPT that we KNOW they will happen!


As good stewards of Messiah Yeshua, because of the influence of uncertainty and the complex behaviors inherent with chaos dynamics, we must prepare and publish a worldwide permanent body of knowledge structured upon Biblical Prophecy for the following:

Easily accessible and permanent information about Future Environmental Toxicity
(the Judgments of The Revelation) – WHAT to do (i.e., how to know Jesus); and,

Media preparation for Jews, Israel, and Gentiles – WHAT will happen and WHY!



Will you be the one to create and implement an End Time MEDIA project to
inform Jews, Israel and Gentiles of WHAT will happen soon on Planet Earth?

We must also ramp up on spiritual warfare: both individually and corporately as members together in Messiah’s Body. Maintain “looking for His appearing,” but stop arguing with other believers about when or when not the “rapture” will happen. (It wasn’t a doctrine in the church until the 1800’s anyway.) Fellowship with other believers; focus on the KEY prophecies, and win people to Messiah Jesus!

Lots of people I talk to say they are going to WAIT until the Believers are missing, and then they will receive Jesus. We need to tell them WHAT is going to happen … and to get ready NOW … because a strong delusion is going to be sent upon the Planet Earth.

Make sure YOU are ready for whatever happens … whenever it happens: the Lord Jesus “catching you up” … or the judgments falling first. I have attended the BEST Christian conservative theological seminaries in the world; one, just to study eschatology (plus the University of Judaism). Also, I studied under four of the top Hebrew and Greek scholars who worked on the NASV. Our view of WHEN the Believers in Messiah will be caught up in the air to be with Him is something WE decide for ourself … but WHEN He actually does this may be different. Our job is to watch for His Appearing!

Many evangelical Bible teachers changed their view in the last 20 years?! My view of WHEN the Lord will “catch away” His People will NOT change WHEN He does it. I’m just going to keep looking for … and loving … His return!

Here’s something to think about: If we get mad at other Believers about their view of the “rapture” … OR … if WE don’t or can’t fellowship with other believers because of their view of the “rapture” … guess who needs help!

Keep watching for His Great Appearing!

Baruch haba b’Shem Adonai.

Your friend,

Prince Handley
President / Regent
University of Excellence

P.S. – Will you be the one who creates and implements this media project?

Podcast time: 14 minutes, 43 seconds.

Prince Handley Portal: www.princehandley.com


If you have been helped or received a miracle as a result of this study, email us and let us know what God has done for you. You may contact us by email at: PrinceHandley@gmail.com

You may contact us by postal mail at: Prince Handley – P.O. Box ‘A’ – Downey, CA 90241 USA

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