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The LORD has been impressing me for some time to teach on this very insidious subject.

I have hesitated becauseeven though I believe in true Biblical deliveranceI have seen some “weird” practices (and practitioners) through 50 years of ministry.

Thankfully, there are many valid and Christ centered deliverance ministries today.

However, as we approachand are at the entrance tothe End Times, I must obey the LORD and share with you an almost UNrealized (and UNtaught on) strategy of the enemy.

I thank the LORD for how and when He has used me in deliverance for others at times.

It is my prayer that this teaching will protect YOU from a very subtle “tool” of the enemy.


Their poison is like the poison of a serpent;
They are like the deaf cobra that stops its ear.”

– Psalm 58:4

There is a snake spirit some people have (even some who call themselves Christians).

It manifests like this: A person will involve you in conversation … sometimes over a period of time … then (while coiling and slithering around in a wily manner) in an instant they will strike YOU with a demonic anointed utterance of a lie about someone. This is a “tool” of the enemy designed to burn into your human spirit and mind. It is a venomous attack to poison your mind and human spirit.

The approachand the attack (the strike)can be in communication by means of writing, or in-person, or by phone.

The person who “carries” this venom does so … usually … by means of a result of something that influenced their psyche during childhood and causing a sense of inferiority, or rejection (even though hidden on the surface).

NOTE:  The person who is used to “strike you” with this venom may be a friend, a relative … or a minister.

They will normally approach you with commonalities or niceties. However, inside lurks a desire to “strike” … and that desire may have been planned or programmed for a while. What I want you to be aware of is this:


In doing so, while they are attacking another person (whom you regard, love, or have relationship … even one who has died), they are attacking YOU, also … at the same time.

There may be several underlying reasons for this poisonous behavior:

1. Hatred (hidden) or jealousy;

2. Protectionism (of themselves with regard to others … maybe a person related to YOU);

3. They try to destroy YOUR relationship with the one to whom THEY are connected … OR a person with which they would like to be in close relationship (but shut out);

4. Subtle attack (usually a lie or gossip) about other(s) but the main goal is to hurt YOU.

So what must YOU do? First, you should make it part of your daily prayers for God to give you discernment over people, things and situations. Secondly, if you feel, or discern, that you are beingor have been―the victim (recipient) of a venomous attack, you should:

1. Apply the BLOOD of Christ to destroy the venom in your mind and human spirit.

2. Forgive the “carrier” of the venom.

3. Confront the “carrier” or the one who attacked YOU and the OTHER victim.***

       *** The LORD may lead you to NOT confront the attacker. (Pray to find out.)

Notice, the “carrier” of the venom usually does NOT … or will NOT … acknowledge the LIE. However, this will help “distance” the snake spirit in the future. Do NOT be bitten twice!

Many of you studying this teaching will realize that you have been a victim of such an attack in the past. You will also realize the “depth” and the “hurt” caused by such venom. You may even experience mental pictures caused by such a diabolical scheme of the enemy.

There is healing in recognizing WHERE and HOW this poison entered your system. Now, I want to pray for you.

Father in Heaven, in the name of your Son Jesus I loose deliverance and healing in the life of the person who has been injured by the “snake spirit” … and I minister restoration through cleansing of their mind and spirit by the BLOOD of Christ shed on the cross.

Be healed in the Name of Messiah Jesus!

Baruch haba b’Shem Adonai.

Your friend,

Prince Handley
President / Regent
University of Excellence

Podcast time: 7 minutes, 45 seconds

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  1. I could not bring myself to read until a few minutes ago, because I just couldn’t read or listen for a few weeks at least. I get those attacks daily with no relief. I don’t believe I have told you this but you are a man of God and have heard much. For most of my life I have thought I was intended to be a demon, my mom used to tell me my dad was evil, I forgive her as I don’t know the real story. But as I got older, I decided that even if I was born evil and a demon, I would not serve Satan, and I don’t care if it’s hotter there for me. I will not serve Satan and I will profess the truth of the Lord Jesus. I’m telling you this, not for any glory on my part, I just want people to be saved, know the love of our Father, life is so hard. I’m usually a very happy person but it’s all I can do to not cry all the time. I’ve been to the doctor, got some meds but not better. I constantly am told that I am to blame for everything and experience so much disrespect. Is this the serpent spirit you are speaking about? I’m not wanting anyone to feel sorry for me but I just don’t understand why people I love treat me so badly and why the Good Lord won’t stop them and I don’t even have my big brother to make things bearable for me. I know this is a sin but I see no reason for me to live. I would not ever take my own life but would trade with someone who deserves to live. I’m so tired of being sick, in pain and not feeling like Lord anymore. I don’t want to burden you, I know you have your own problems. I don’t feel the Lord is fighting for me but if I wasn’t born His then, no wonder. I just really don’t know why people I love and try to take care of think it’s ok to tell me such terrible things. How can this end? The Holy Spirit is showing me that you will be walking in sandy land with bluish shoes, not sandals, not dress shoes, you will be speaking near there, many intellects will be saved. They will understand from your presentation. They will want to know you better because they can learn from you. You will make many important, forever friends and because of those alliances many Christians and Jews will escape torture. The Lord will richly bless you for going even though you aren’t thrilled about going. I have no idea where or when but it’s on the planning board.

    I’m so grateful to know you. Blessed to know you.

    Your friend, Nyla

    Sent from my iPhone



    Comment by Nyla Norris | 2017/08/20 | Reply

    • Nyla, you are a child of God. It is evident because you so often refer to – and confess – Jesus as YOUR LORD.

      Stop listening to – and worrying about – what other people think of you or say to you.

      Listen to what GOD says about you in His Holy Word. God loves YOU as much as He does His Son, Jesus. If He didn’t, he would NOT have sent Jesus to die in your place on the cross.

      Praying for you!

      Your friend,
      Prince Handley


      Comment by Prince Handley | 2018/01/30 | Reply

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