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I have OFTEN made GREAT mistakes as a father; however the LORD has been MORE than faithful in His watch care over my children and my seed line.I am writing this to tell you HOW you can be successful as a parent (single or married) even though YOU are NOT perfect!

I have seven children, one of which went to be with the LORD at birth (the doctor had NO oxygen on hand). All of my children came to know Yeshua at the age of two to three years. Five of the six were baptized in water (mikvah) and in the Holy Spirit (Ruach Ha Chodesh) and spoke in tongues at the age of about three; the seventh was baptized in water and the Ruach (Spirit)  as he came out of the mikvah (waters of baptism) speaking in tongues at the age of eight.

My first daughter (32) has two children and was leading a Bible study group in her home with her husband and another couple for about two years. That group has grown to a new church plant with over 1,000 people now, 40% [400] who have come to the LORD in the last year. They are still discipling people on a personal basis every week. Before that, every weekend they used to go to a different community and give clothing, food, and money to poor people, and witness and pray for those in need. She first started tithing when she was two.

My second daughter (30) went for a short-term missions (medical and evangelistic) trip to Guatemala last year. She and her husband have a youth ministry and they have three sons. She graduated from Bible College last year and has taught evangelism and intercession in the college afterward.

One of my sons graduated from Bible college this two years ago. He started preaching when he was six. When he was only two, he and my third daughter (who was only four at the time) laid hands on an 82 year old lady who had been paralyzed in a wheel chair for 8 months from a stroke.

My two year old commanded the lady to be healed in the name of Jesus and the 82-year-old walked right out of the wheel chair perfectly healed and gave her testimony. This miracle was documented in the Santa Ana Register (now the Orange County Register) in a half page article by the newspaper photographer who saw it happen.

My third daughter (in the paragraph above) started praying over a map of the world at the age of four, and would shed tears as she laid hands on the nations and would pray in tongues interceding for them. She is a godly mother and wife, raising her two children to serve God.

One of my children got into some trouble but now reads the Bible daily, sometimes as much as 50 to 60 chapters a day while seeking God’s plan for their future.

My youngest son, my 7th child, has had the gift of discerning of spirits since he was a young boy. He just turned 17. Two years ago he was at a secular concert when someone slipped ecstasy and drugs into a teenager’s cola. The boy overdosed. My boy rebuked the spirit of sorcery and narcotics in a crowd of about 50 God hating young people and commanded the boy to stand up and praise God (which he did). My son then took the boy and his girlfriend outside where he prayed for them and they both received Yeshua (Jesus) as their Messiah!

I share these testimonies to let you know that even though I have failed many times as a father … and have made GREAT mistakes OFTEN … still the LORD watched over my children. Let me tell you THE SECRET below.

TWICE A DAY while my children were IN THE WOMB I would do the following:

[] Lay hands on the mother’s stomach and pray over the children in my language (English) and in the language of the Spirit (tongues).

[] Read the Holy Bible to the life in the womb. It is a known physiological fact that ears start developing in the fetus at the age of about eight (8) weeks. Spiritually, the human spirit of the child (in the fetus) can perceive spiritual things because they were created in God’s image.

[] Play good Holy Spirit anointed gospel music to the life in the womb.

I instructed the children’s mother that if I was not home, or was away traveling, to minister to the life in her womb as outlined above.

I cannot take any credit for the blessings and success of my children. I just did what seemed to be both reasonable and spiritual. I’ve made many mistakes as a father and parent … but God never does! He and His Word are ONE and are TRUE!!

When I was a young boy there was a popular song, the words of which said:

“Accentuate the positive,
….Eliminate the negative,
…….And, don’t mess with ‘Mr. In Between’.”

So don’t worry so much about generational curses, but rather … concentrate on GENERATIONAL BLESSINGS!!!

Prince Handley


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