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APOSTLE TALK – Future News Now!

with Prince Handley

Prince Handley

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Most Christians miss their miracles right before they will happen! Reasons why people do NOT receive their MIRACLES … real miracles. How to know the tricks of the devil to hinder your prayers being answered and what to do to make sure you receive from God.



Most Christians miss their miracle(s) by one hour or one day, or by one meter or one kilometer!

There are at least two reasons why Satan does not want you to receive your miracle.

First, your miracle will glorify God and be a testimony. The devil does not want anyone testifying for Christ; nor does he want anything glorifying God. The enemy hates it when you receive a miracle.

Second, your miracle will bring you JOY. The devil, Lucifer, has never had joy since he was cast out of heaven, nor will he ever have joy again. He was once very handsome; God created him that way. Now he is very ugly and has to transform himself as an angel of light. [2 Corinthians 11:14]

Jesus said, “I beheld Satan fall as lightning.” [Luke 10:18] Satan does not want you to have joy because you will be strong! “The joy of the Lord is your strength.” [Nehemiah 8:10]

The devil is a “spirit-being”; therefore he can recognize anointing and spiritual “breakthru” when it’s building up and about to happen. If you listen to God and are led by the Holy Spirit you will be successful in obtaining your miracle(s) … if you persevere and don’t give up! If you quit, you won’t win. If you don’t quit, you’ll win!

Lots of Christians have committed suicide right before their miracle would have happened! This is why Satan puts mental pressure on you as you approach and get nearer to your miracle. He wants to confuse your mind so you will quit, or “pull out”.

The devil wants you to give-up, to stop believing God in faith, so that you will ultimately give-up – not receive your miracle – and then lose hope altogether. He may use people (Christians or non-Christians), he may use demons, or he may use circumstances to do this job.

Don’t miss your miracle(s). The miracles of God are aimed at you from every direction! If you don’t quit, you’ll WIN!


If you have been helped or received a miracle as a result of this study, email us and let us know what God has done for you. You may contact us by email at: PrinceHandley@gmail.com

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