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Never let a person … or a ministry … or a church … be your covering! Many people who had a powerful call of God on their lives have been deceived by the “false covering” (false discipleship) movement. Their anointing was diluted, the fire of the Spirit was quenched, and many millions of people were not reached for Christ! This teaching will expose the teachings … and the calamity … of the false discipleship (false covering) movement, and will protect you so that you can have a VITAL ministry!



In the late 1960’s and into the 1970’s there arose a damaging movement to the Body of Christ called “The Covering” movement. Another name for this group was the “false discipleship” movement. Satan realized he could NOT stop the great outpouring of the Spirit, so he devised a means whereby he would use a sector of the church – and some Christian leaders – to slow it down and divert it: diffusing its power and intended Kingdom result!

There were several popular teachers involved in this movement; however, not many were brilliant expositors. They teaching went to excess so far as to be used by Satan to quench true evangelistic and prophetic ministry with the result that false prophetic ministries came into being.

Some of the excesses were as follows:

I knew a pastor who was near death in the hospital. A person was taking the pastor flowers and was told they must first submit the idea to elders.

I knew a young man who left the Midwest and came to the West Coast of the USA extremely discouraged. He had a flourishing and powerful youth ministry. He felt the Lord leading him to start a church; however, the pastor and elders of his church told him not to start it. A well known pastor friend of mine called me and asked me is I would come counsel the young man. I had just returned from a very exhausting six weeks in Africa and told my friend I would pray about it. On the third day, I called my friend and said, “The Lord wants me to counsel the young man.” I went to the pastor’s home, and during dinner the Spirit came upon me. I spoke to the young man and give Him the Lord’s directive: “Go back there and start a church!” That church has, I think, over 10,000 people now and has been sending missionaries all over the world.

I knew a powerful pastor who also had a ministry gift of evangelism. This pastor had ministered for years and moved into a new geographic area. He felt God leading him to evangelize at the local university. During the time of his getting acquainted in the new city he was fellowshipping with some brethren in a local church. He thought it would be nice to invite them to evangelize with him.

The elders of the church were involved in the “covering” movement and told him NOT to evangelize at the university. When he asked them what they would do IF he did so, they answered, “We will come against you with everything we have in the name of Jesus!” This man was one of the greatest pastors I have ever known, and who also worked with some of the best missionary organizations in the world.

Many young people, and older people coming into the call of ministry, were kept from fulfilling the will of God in their lives, as well as hindered from being used to maximum potential by the Lord.

During the 1970’s the Lord sent me to around the USA and also to other countries to expose this false teaching. Lots of precious ministries were saved from shipwreck. I can think of pastors who each have thousands of people in their congregations now who were under the bondage of the “false” covering movement, and who saw the light as God used me to expose it. These young men and women went on to OBEY what the Lord was telling them and started their own ministries with the result of cities and nations being reached for Christ.

They came out of spiritual bondage – the trap of Satan – into FREEDOM of ministry!

The examples I gave you previously are just of few of the multitudinous extremes of this Satanic strategy.

The reason that Satan tries to get people deceived into the “false” covering trip is because he was once the “anointed cherub who covers” … and NOW he does NOT want anyone under the covering of Jesus Christ. (Ezekiel 28:14-15)

Man is NOT your covering; neither is a ministry or a church. If you think so, try this … The next time you start to get into a wreck or have an accident, see whose name you call on: the church, a minister, or … JESUS!

When the BLOOD in the Tabernacle was placed by the High Priest upon the mercy seat in the Holy Place it effected atonement. The Hebrew word for “atonement” is “caphar” and is a primitive root which means “to cover, (figuratively) to cancel, to cleanse, be merciful, to forgive, and to purge.”

Once a year the High Priest would go into the Holy of Holies with the BLOOD of the sin offering of atonements. It was most holy unto the LORD. The Hebrew word here used for “atonements” is “kippur” and means “expiation” (in the plural), or “a satisfaction, or to appease for guilt or sin by sacrifice.” (Exodus Chapter 30) “Caphar” and “kippur” both derive their meaning from the same Hebrew root form.

It is the same word from which the High Holy holiday Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) derives its meaning.

Make sure that the BLOOD of Jesus the Messiah is your covering.

Lucifer was once the “anointed cherub who covers”
and had authority and responsibility to protect and defend the holy mountain of God. Ezekiel 28:13 alludes to the possibility that part of his duty was to lead Heaven’s choirs in the worship of God. However, the scripture shows he wanted glory for himself and was cast down. Many in the “false” covering movement want “glory for themselves.” They are taking the position of God telling the people of God WHEN, HOW, and WHERE they can minister … even to the extent of telling them NOT to minister.

It’s interesting to note that in the Revelation of Jesus to John on the island of Patmos, the Lord commended the Church of Ephesus by saying:

“But this you have, that you hate the deeds of the Nicolaitans, which I (Jesus) also hate.”
(Revelation 2:6)

He also told the Church of Pergamos: “You also have hose who hold the doctrine of the Nicolaitans, which thing I hate.”

The word “Nicolaitans is a combination of two Greek words: nikos (meaning conqueror or victory) and laos (meaning people), which combination means “people conquerors, or conquering the laity.”

Christ is saying here that he hates the ministry of “people conquerors.” What the Holy Spirit starts, He wants to complete. Jesus purchased His people with His own BLOOD, and He does NOT want people – especially those who call themselves ministers of the Gospel – putting Christians in bondage and trying to own or control the people … and the work the Holy spirit wants to do through them.

As ministers of the Gospel, we are to encourage and direct those the Spirit is calling and sending.

Do NOT let men take the place of the Holy Spirit in your life and ministry.

Let Jesus and His shed BLOOD be your covering. Align yourself through faith with His WILL and His PROTECTION.

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