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APOSTLE TALK – Future News Now!
with Prince Handley

Prince Handley


We know we are living in the last days of Planet Earth because of the following Bible prophecies being fulfilled now:

■ Hundreds of Jews are immigrating to Israel every week after being scattered among the nations for over 2,000 years.

■ European Union (EU) and the Confederacy of Arab Nations are operating. A union of 10 will finally form, from which will be chosen the coming World Leader: the anti Messiah (or, anti Christ).

■ God’s Spirit is being poured out on all ethnic groups with thousands of people meeting the Messiah Jesus daily.

■ Russia is planning a coalition with Iran (that will subsequently involve two North Eastern African empires) to capture the chemical and mineral riches of Israel.

■ Signs of the last days, which Jesus foretold, are all happening NOW! These specific signs are described below:

1. False messiahs and false prophets.

2. Wars and ethnic groups fighting other ethnic groups.

3. Famines.

4. Diseases.

5. Earthquakes.

2006/11/24 - Posted by | EARTH'S LAST DAYS

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