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APOSTLE TALK – Future News Now!
with Prince Handley

Prince Handley


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Here is WHY you are bored.

You are NOT moving out in faith.

You have grown stagnant because you are resting on past laurels.

You are so satisfied with what you have already achieved that you are NOT making any further effort.

Whether or not you received praise from men, or just satisfied that God has seen the fruit of your labor and sacrifice, you are retired to the junk yard of rusty Christians.

There is a time for rest, recreation, and relaxation, especially for Christians on the front line of ministry. If you have not already, study my teaching on REST WILL HELP YOU IN WELL DOING. Also, study my teaching DO NOT CARRY THE BURDEN OF LEADERSHIP BY YOURSELF.

There are different phases of your life just as there are different seasons in the year. Some of you reading or listening to this message may be in the autumn or winter of our life. However, God is the Creator, and if you ask Him, He will direct you into some type of service where you can still do exploits for the Kingdom: maybe intercession, maybe baking anointed cookies and laying hands on them for MIRACLES and SALVATION before you give them out to people.

FAITH and the ANOINTING are partners. You cannot operate in the exercise of one without the other. Under the anointing, and when you are operating in faith, you are positioned both spiritually and physically between God and those to whom your ministry is directed (be they in your immediate presence or continents away).

Because of this positioning you are quickened, you are stimulated, you begin to feel the fetus move in your spiritual womb.

You are NOT bored!

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